5 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (6/12)

The June 12th episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN. It was the go-home show for WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday. Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

4Daniel Bryan Submitted Shelton Benjamin

Daniel Bryan faced Shelton Benjamin tonight on SmackDown. Benjamin started off the match in control and sent Bryan to the corner. Bryan leveled Benjamin with a shoulder tackle and quickly went for the Yes Lock. Benjamin blocked it but Bryan was able to apply a Wrist Lock.

Bryan connected with a couple of uppercuts and then a boot to the face. Shelton sent Bryan to the ring apron and booted him in the knee. Bryan crashed to the floor outside the ring and Benjamin joined him out there. Shelton lifted Bryan in the air and slammed him knee-first onto the announce table as SmackDown went to a commercial break.

When SmackDown returned, the action had returned to the ring and Benjamin was still targetting Bryan’s knee. Shelton had Bryan trapped in the middle of the ring in a Half Crab. Daniel battled through the pain and reached the bottom rope to break the hold.

Shelton missed with a kick and Bryan connected with a Dropkick of his own to Benjamin’s knee. The crowd chanted “yes!” as both Superstars got back up and traded kicks. Bryan took Benjamin to the canvas and delivered a few Yes Kicks in the corner. Bryan wrapped Benjamin’s knee around the rope and connected with a Dropkick.

Benjamin hit a knee to the face as Bryan was on the turnbuckle. Shelton climbed up next to him and connected with a Superplex for a two count. Daniel battled back and went for the Yes Lock once again. Benjamin countered into a roll-up and then transitioned into the Half Crab in the middle of the ring. Bryan rolled through and countered into the Heel Hook for the submission victory.

Later on SmackDown, Big Cass cut another promo about Daniel Bryan not being tall and vowed to embarrass him at Money in the Bank this Sunday.