5 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (9/18)

The September 18th episode of WWE SmackDown Live aired live from the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. In addition to the takeaways below, Randy Orton invaded the WWE production truck and forced them to show him footage of his beatdown of Jeff Hardy at Hell in a Cell.

Here are 5 takeaways from this week’s show:

5Bryan & The Miz Will Battle At Super Show-Down For A Title Shot

Miz TV kicked off this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. The Miz announced that he will be facing Daniel Bryan at WWE Super Show-Down. The winner of that match will get a shot at the WWE Championship.

The Miz announced that Maryse will be his guest on Miz TV. Maryse claimed that she was a much better athlete than Brie Bella and that she didn’t stand a chance against her. Maryse claimed that Brie’s heart wasn’t in it this past Sunday at Hell in a Cell because of motherhood. The Miz said that Brie’s heart was no longer in her relationship with Daniel Bryan.

Miz called their marriage a marriage of convenience and added that it backfired because they came up against a real couple. Maryse announced that tonight would be her last night on SmackDown for a bit and the crowd responded by chanting “yes!”. The Miz scolded the crowd and then called out Daniel Bryan.

Bryan came down to the entrance ramp and said that Miz is going to get his ass kicked because he talked about his wife. Daniel charged the ring and Dropkicked Miz in the ring. The Miz fell back into Maryse in the corner of the ring and Maryse fell to the canvas. Daniel put his head in his hands and then apologized to Maryse as she was about to be placed on a stretcher.

Maryse then got up with a smile on her face and laughed in Bryan’s face. The Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale from behind but Bryan escaped. The Miz then went for a Clothesline but Bryan dodged it and Miz hit Maryse on the ring apron. Bryan Clotheslined Miz out of the ring and celebrated with a “yes!” chant to end the segment.

Bryan was interviewed backstage and once again called Miz a coward. Daniel stated that he knew The Miz was up to something when he called him out tonight. Bryan vowed to defeat Miz at Super Show-Down and earn a WWE Championship opportunity.