6 Predictions For WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 airs this Sunday live from the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. The women’s Elimination Chamber match is for the RAW Women’s Championship. The men’s Elimination Chamber match will determine who will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 for the Universal Championship. Gallows and Anderson will face The Miztourage on the Kickoff Show. Here are 6 predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber 2018:

6The Feud Between “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt Will Finally Become Interesting

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“Woken” Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt was a feud that most people were looking forward to. Wyatt is terrific at promos and his character is almost as bizarre as “Woken” Matt Hardy. Unfortunately, the feud has fallen flat up until this point.

Wyatt defeated Hardy on the 25th anniversary episode of RAW. It was a quick match that took place in the Manhattan Center. This feud desperately needs something interesting to go down this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Matt Hardy could use a victory on Sunday.

I’m hoping we get outside interference or some kind of Woken brilliance takes place that leads Hardy to victory. Something needs to happen during this match that gets people excited about “Woken” Matt Hardy again.

5The Bar Will Retain Their Titles

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Apollo and Titus O’Neil have gotten the better of Sheamus and Cesaro recently on RAW. On this past Monday, Titus Worldwide defeated Sheamus and Cesaro for the third time. Dana Brooke pointed out that Titus Worldwide is the most deserving team on RAW for a title shot. The Bar then accepted the challenge and the match was made official for the PPV on Sunday.

The injury to Dean Ambrose really slowed down the momentum with RAW’s tag division. The Revival have recently returned and hopefully they can stay healthy. I don’t see Apollo & O’Neil defeating The Bar for a fourth time and winning the titles at Elimination Chamber. Sheamus and Cesaro will retain and hopefully enter a feud with The Revival in the near future.

4Asuka Will Remain Undefeated

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Nia Jax will face Asuka this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. If Nia Jax defeats Asuka, she will be added to the title match Asuka chooses at WrestleMania 34. Asuka won the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match last month. She has yet to decide whether she will challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship or the RAW Women’s Championship.

Last Monday night, Nia Jax attacked Asuka from behind on RAW. She planted her with a Samoan Drop and then left Asuka laying the ring. Asuka and Nia Jax battled in NXT. Asuka won and kept her undefeated streak alive. I think the same thing is going to happen at Elimination Chamber. I can’t imagine WWE would hand Asuka her first loss leading into WrestleMania 34.

3Ronda Rousey’s Contract Signing Will Be Interrupted

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Ronda Rousey will sign her contract Sunday night to officially become a member of the RAW roster. Rousey came down to the ring after Asuka won the women’s Royal Rumble and pointed at the WrestleMania sign.

There have been a ton of rumors about who Rousey will face at WrestleMania 34. Many believe that Rousey will team up with someone to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Nobody knows right now but I’ve got to believe that we will have an idea after Sunday night.

Ronda Rousey isn’t going to just sign a piece of paper at Elimination Chamber and walk away. Chaos always breaks out during these contract signings in the ring. I’m expecting someone to interrupt or maybe RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon will be in the ring right from the start to welcome Rousey to the RAW roster. I’m assuming RAW GM Kurt Angle will also be there for the signing.

2Alexa Bliss Will Escape The Elimination Chamber With Her RAW Women’s Championship

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Alexa Bliss will defend her RAW Women’s Championship this Sunday against Sasha Banks, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Mickie James and Bayley in the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss complained to RAW GM Kurt Angle about having to defend her title at the PPV. She noted that Brock Lesnar doesn’t have to defend his Universal Championship in the Elimination Chamber match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks’ friendship was looking like it was going to be over when Banks scoffed at the idea that Bayley could defeat her. Bayley did wind up beating Sasha Banks in a singles match, but the two Superstars remained friends. However, Banks could betray Bayley at any point on Sunday night and eliminate her. Bayley could do the same, but I think Banks is the more likely Superstar to do so.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are both part of Absolution. They will likely team up during the match and try to eliminate the other Superstars. The key here is when they will be released from their pods. If Rose and Deville are two out of the three first Superstars in the match, they could control the match until they were the final two Superstars remaining.

Bliss has been trying to get Mickie James back on her side during recent episodes of WWE RAW. Alexa Bliss was in a feud with Mickie James a few months back and called her an old lady and gave her diapers as a gift. Bliss emerged victorious in the feud and Mickie James hasn’t been in the title picture since.

I don’t get the feeling that Alexa Bliss is going to lose the title on Sunday. She will manipulate her way through the match and somehow escape as still the RAW Women’s Champion. The RAW and SmackDownWomen’s Championship matches for WrestleMania 34 are still completely up in the air right now.

One of the rumors going around is that Alexa Bliss will defend her title against Nia Jax. In order for that to happen, Asuka would have to defeat Nia Jax at the PPV and then select SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte as her opponent for WrestleMania 34. We will see what happens, but I’m expecting to see Bliss walk into WrestleMania 34 as the RAW Women’s Champion.

1Roman Reigns Will Win The Men’s Elimination Chamber Match & Face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34

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John Cena, Finn Balor, The Miz, Elias, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will battle in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. The winner of the match will go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 for the Universal Championship.

Elias defeated Braun Strowman and John Cena in a Triple Threat match to determine who will enter the Elimination Chamber last. John Cena defeated The Miz and due to the loss, The Miz will be the first Superstar to enter the Elimination Chamber.

Balor and Rollins qualified for the the match by simultaneously winning a Fatal 5-Way match to determine the final participant. It was originally supposed to be a “Second Chance” Fatal 4-Way match in which the losers of previous qualifying matches would battle to earn their way into the match. Rollins was added to the contest after it was announced that Jason Jordan would be sidelined with an injury. Thus, Rollins was no longer part of a tag team and asked RAW GM Kurt Angle to give him another shot at being the man on RAW. Angle eventually caved and granted Rollins his wish and added him to the “Second Chance” match and made it a Fatal 5-Way.

On this past Monday’s episode of RAW, Braun Strowman won an excellent Gauntlet match with all of the Superstars in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. Strowman was the final entrant in the Gauntlet match and absolutely dismantled The Miz to win the match. The Superstar that stood out the most in the match was Seth Rollins. Seth lasted over an hour and eliminated both Roman Reigns and John Cena. He eventually wore down and was eliminated by Elias.

I’m looking forward to this match because I think it has the potential to be great. Unfortunately, everyone is expecting Roman Reigns to win. The match could be excellent, but the ending feels obvious and I think the crowd will reject it once Reigns wins the match. The main event of WrestleMania 34 has been rumored to be Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar for some time now. The entire PPV seems pretty predictable, so hopefully WWE throws us some curveballs on Sunday night.

What are your predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber 2018? Share them in the comments below.