6 Takeaways From MLW Fusion 1/4

MLW Fusion 1/4 continued the build to Zero Hour in Dallas, Texas.

MLW Fusion 1/4

Major League Wrestling presented a new episode of Fusion on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend. The show featured a semi-final match in the Opera Cup and was headlined by Contra Unit taking on Strong Hearts from OWE.

Here are 6 takeaways from MLW Fusion 1/4:

6Tom Lawlor Defeats An Imposter Von Erich

Tom Lawlor said he was going to take on a member of the Von Erichs this week but neither Ross nor Marshall seemed to know anything about this. Lawlor then unveiled it was the son of Lance “Von Erich” he would be taking on in Rip Von Erich. Lance Von Erich was billed as a Von Erich cousin in 1985 but was not actually related to the family.

Lawlor didn’t have much trouble with the imposter Von Erich, who even tried an Iron Claw attempt during the match. Lawlor won with a rear-naked Iron Claw to further insult the Von Erich family legacy, however. He would get on the mic after the match and further antagonize Ross and Marshall.