6 Takeaways From WWE RAW (1/1)

The January 1st, 2018 episode of WWE RAW took place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s edition of WWE RAW:

4Alexa Bliss Was Not Ready For Asuka

Alexa Bliss spent the beginning of RAW trying to convince Kurt Angle to cancel her match with Asuka tonight. After Angle said no, Bliss asked Nia Jax to be in her corner. Nia Jax said that Enzo had the flu and she had to bring him chicken noodle soup. Enzo will not defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander tonight due to illness.

Bliss faced Asuka at the beginning of the second hour of RAW. Alexa tried to avoid Asuka when the match but started but Asuka eventually caught her and locked in a Knee Bar. Bliss broke free bur Asuka leveled her with a shoulder tackle. Asuka leveled Bliss with the Hip Attack and Alexa rolled out of the ring to regroup. Bliss took her time getting back into the ring and the crowd booed her.

Asuka knocked Bliss back to the canvas and Alexa once again rolled out of the ring as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Alexa stretched Asuka out on the ring post and let go of her just before the ref counted to five. Bliss connected with a flurry of punches and went for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. Asuka missed with a Clothesline and Bliss planted her with a Backbreaker.

Bliss hit a couple of forearms in a row for another to count. Bliss locked Asuka in Body Scissors in the middle of the ring. Asuka escaped and locked in a Arm Bar but Bliss reached the ropes to quickly break the hold. Bliss beatdown Asuka in the corner and then slapped Asuka in the face.

Asuka got pissed and connected with a couple of Dropkicks. Asuka hit another Dropkick off the second rope and followed it up with a Hip Attack in the corner. Asuka connected with a third Hip Attack and then kneed Bliss in the face. Alexa connected with a Dropkick of her own and Asuka fell out of the ring. Asuka got back in the ring and booted Bliss in the face. Asuka then locked in the Arm Bar in the middle of the ring for the submission victory.

Asuka should be ready for a title shot in the near future after her victory over the RAW Women’s Champion. This match was very solid, but the first hour of RAW completely killed the crowd and they barely made any noise throughout the match.