6 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (3/20)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The March 20th, 2018 episode of WWE Smackdown aired live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

6Daniel Bryan Announced His Return In An Emotional Speech

This week’s episode kicked off with a montage of Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech from two years ago. It was announced earlier today that Daniel Bryan has been cleared by WWE to return to in-ring action.

SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan came down to the ring to a great reaction from the Dallas crowd. The entire crowd chanted “yes!” as Bryan entered the ring. Bryan stood in the ring as the crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan!”. Daniel thanked the crowd and brought up what happened to Shane McMahon. Bryan stated that he will address that situation, but Owens and Zayn were not here yet.

Bryan said that being forced to retire two years was one of the hardest days of his life, but he focused on being grateful. Bryan stated that he had a lot to be grateful for, including his family, friends and the best fans in the world. Daniel choked up a bit when he brought up his wife. Bryan said that Brie told him to fight for his dreams and that she was the one who encouraged him to start going to see specialists. A “thank you Brie!” chant broke out in the crowd as Bryan continued.

Daniel said that when he got angry about not being in the ring, he wasn’t just grateful, he started fighting. Bryan added that every hard thing seems impossible until it becomes real. Bryan said that over the past few months he asked WWE to look at his case again and that every doctor he saw cleared him. The crowd chanted “yes!” again as Bryan added started thanking the WWE and their doctors.

Bryan said that he was grateful that WWE was willing to give his case a second look. Daniel thanked everyone here and everyone watching at home for supporting him this entire time. Bryan noted that the crowd always chanted for him every week he has come down to the ring as the SmackDown GM. Bryan once again got choked up and thanked Brie for supporting him over the past two years.

Daniel changed his tune and said “now on to the fun stuff”. Bryan stated that he doesn’t know when or where he will get back in the ring and the crowd started to chant “WrestleMania!” and the cameras cut to the WrestleMania sign hanging above the ring. Bryan asked the crowd if WrestleMania sounded like a good idea and another “yes!” chant broke out. Bryan said that he doesn’t know for sure if that will happen, but added that he will compete in a WWE ring again and the crowd chanted “yes!” as Bryan’s music hit.

Bryan was shown walking backstage following his promo. He told referee Charles Robinson to send Zayn and Owens to his office when they arrive. Dolph Ziggler showed up and stated that he cannot wait to defeat Daniel Bryan in the ring. Bryan said that he can certainly try and Ziggler walked away.

Opinion: Daniel Bryan’s story in WWE has been nothing short of amazing. His rise to the top was organic and seeing him being forced to give it up was truly heartbreaking. Bryan became one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all-time because the fans wanted him to be. They catapulted him to the top and everything culminated when he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.

It is surreal that he is going to get back in the ring. I simply cannot wait to see it. There was a time that I fell out of love with watching wrestling and Daniel Bryan was one of the Superstars that drew me back in. I was captivated by his battle with The Authority and couldn’t wait until he finally won the title. Bryan defeated John Cena at SummerSlam 2013, but Randy Orton instantly cashed in following the match. Triple H was the special referee for that match and delivered a Pedigree to Bryan following his victory. I was so pissed off after that much, but I knew it was going to lead to something even better. We all witnessed that moment at WrestleMania 30, when Bryan defeated Triple H to kick off the show and went on to win the title again in a Triple Threat match against Randy Orton and Batista.

There are plenty folks, much like myself, that have been frustrated with the WWE product as of late. They were excited for the new SmackDown with Bryan as the GM and Shane McMahon as the Commissioner. SmackDown hasn’t lived up to expectations, but Bryan’s return to the ring will no doubt bring a new level of excitement to the WWE product. He left a void in WWE after he was forced to retire. Now that he is back, I cannot put into words how pumped I am to see Bryan get inside the ring again as a wrestler. I knew he would wrestle again, I was just convinced that it was going to be in ROH, NJPW or any other promotion besides WWE. I cannot wait to see how this plays out leading up until WrestleMania 34. Also, the list of Superstars that Daniel Bryan could bring the house down with in WWE is endless. Daniel Bryan returning to the ring is the jolt that the WWE product needed and I’m just so excited to see it.