6 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (7/10)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The July 10th episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from the SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH. It was the final episode of SmackDown before WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday. Samoa Joe attacked Tye Dillinger before the show.

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s episode of SmackDown:

6Kane Is A Big Fan Of NSNYC

SmackDown kicked off with an episode of Miz TV this week. The Miz welcomed Kane and Daniel Bryan as his guests. The Miz promised Daniel Bryan that he was out here to be a professional and asked Bryan to extend the same courtesy.

Bryan raised his fist to punch Miz in the face but Kane talked him out of it. Daniel then told Miz that he will professional tonight and the crowd booed. The Miz shamed the crowd for booing someone that was trying to be civil and then told them all to shut up.

Miz spoke about Team Hell No’s history and called them a well-oiled machine. Miz asked if Team Hell No was ready to face the Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules. Kane said that they are well aware of what Harper and Rowan are capable of, but they are not as good as Team Hell No.

The Miz agreed and said that Team Hell No may be the only team out there that can handle the Bludgeon Brothers. Miz then rolled footage of Kane attacking Daniel Bryan in the past in an effort to try to tear them apart. Miz blamed the guy in the truck and claimed that was not the footage he was trying to show.

Daniel Bryan stated that everyone sees what Miz is trying to do and it is not going to work. Bryan said that The Miz was terrible at everything and the crowd started chanting “yes!”. Bryan added that the only thing Miz is worse at than stirring the pot is wrestling.

The Miz changed his tone and got pissed off. Miz guaranteed that Kane is going to betray Bryan and Daniel is going to fall for it like he always does. Miz challenged Bryan to a match and claimed that Daniel could no longer hang with him. Kane tried to calm Daniel down and The Miz told Bryan to “hide behind his broken down demon one more time”.

Kane grabbed Miz by the throat but Harper and Rowan interrupted and made their way down the entrance ramp. SAnitY crashed the party and attacked Kane and Bryan from behind. Harper and Rowan then beatdown Kane outside the ring and threw him into the steel steps.

New Day interrupted and sprinted down to the ring to even the odds. New Day brawled with SAnitY in the ring as the Bludgeon Brothers still fought Kane on the outside. Eric Young planted Xavier Woods with a Neckbreaker as WWE officials ran to the ring to try to break things up.

Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe slammed Big E to the canvas as Harper and Rowan hopped up on the ring apron. The Bludgeon Brothers and SAnity stared at each other to end the segment. SAnitY will battle New Day in a tables match at Extreme Rules. A 10-man tag match was announced for later tonight.

During Miz TV, Kane said Justin Timberlake would never return to NSYNC because he is too big of a star now after The Miz referenced an NSYNC reunion. Later on the show, New Day and Team Hell No were discussing strategy for the 10-man tag match. Kane wrapped up the segment by reciting lyrics from NSYNC’s 2000 smash hit “This I Promise You”.