7 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 2/15

Impact Wrestling presented UnCaged from Mexico City Mexico last night.

Impact Wrestling 2/15

Impact Wrestling presented “UnCaged” a special taped show from Mexico City, Mexico. The Knockouts and Impact World Championship were on the line last night. Team AAA would also face Team Impact in a 4-on-4 elimination tag match.

Here are 7 Takeaways from Impact Wrestling 2/15:

7Johnny Impact Retained The Impact World Championship

Johnny Impact escaped from Mexico still the Impact World Championship. Much like when he left Nashville with the title, however, he still has Brian Cage gunning for him.

This match was changed from a one-on-one match between Impact and Cage after Moose & Killer Kross defeated them both in a tag match recently. The finish of the match came when Cage hit Kross with Drill Claw and Impact hit Starship Pain on Moose. Impact was able to pin Moose quicker than Cage could do the same to Killer Kross, so Johnny retains.

Between how things ended at Homecoming in Nashville and UnCaged in Mexico City, Brian Cage likely still feels entitled to a one-on-one rematch with the champ.

6Taya Valkyrie Retained Her Championship Against Tessa Blanchard In A Mexico City Street Fight

Taya Valkyrie successfully defended her Knockouts Championship against Tessa Blanchard in a street fight this week. The gives Taya a 3-1 lead in the series between the two, albeit one victory came via DQ and her second was largely due to Gail Kim.

This week, Valkyrie picked up the victory with a double foot-stomp through the table after a 20-minute fight to start this week’s show.

As for Blanchard, she’s lost 3 straight to Valkyrie. She might need to string together a few wins before getting another shot at the title.

5Tessa Blanchard Pays Homage To 4 Horsemen/ Taya Valkyrie To Perros Del Mal

Tessa Blanchard paid homage to Tully Blanchard in her street fight with Taya Valkyrie this week. Blanchard wore her father’s old 4 Horsemen shirt from back in the day. She also flashed the four-finger hand-signal to the camera. It was her first match back from suspension as well.

In similar fashion, Valkyrie wore a “Perros Del Mal” t-shirt, the faction she had previously been aligned with while in AAA. Blanchard would disrespect the shirt later in the match by spitting on it.

4Team AAA Wins The World Cup

The luchadors of AAA picked up the victory over Team Impact last night. The hometown favorites won largely because Team Impact imploded. Eddie Edwards caused Eli Drake to get eliminated early and then Drake came back to cause Edwards’ elimination to end the match as well.

With Edwards and Psycho Clown as the final two left in the match, Eli Drake returned to the ring area and clocked Edwards with a kendo stick. Psycho Clown rolled up Edwards and got the win for his team.

It was later announced that Edwards will face Drake next week from Las Vegas.

3Rich Swann Turned Down His Last Chance To Join OVE

It was slipped in without much fanfare but Josh Mathews revealed more about why Callihan wants Swann to join OVE. He said that Swann told him that Callihan wants him in OVE because he has a good credit score and can help rent cars for the faction.

Regardless of the reasons why, Callihan gave Swann his “last chance” to join OVE this week. Swann opted to throw the shirt back in Callihan’s face, kickstarting a fight between the two. The X-Division champ initially got the upper-hand in the skirmish but a thumb to the eyes would reverse the momentum. Callihan then gave Swann a piledriver on the stage area before throwing him off the stage and through a table.

2LAX Vs Lucha Bros Rematch – Win, Lose, Or Draw It’s Over

LAX was shown with Konnan in a backstage segment this week. He told Santana & Ortiz he would go get a rematch for the titles but win, lose, or draw, the next match ends the rivalry between the two teams.

1Willie Mack Defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page

Ethan Page has lost his mentor. Matt Sydal’s contract with the company ran up and now Page has been left alone to fend for himself in the X-Division. He was in tough this week against the NWA’s National Champion, Willie Mack. Ultimately, Mack would hit the Stunner for the win.

Quick Results:

  1. Knockouts Championship
    Street Fight
    Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Tessa Blanchard
  2. Willie Mack defeated Ethan Page
  3. 2019 World Cup
    Team AAA defeated Team Impact

    1. Puma King eliminated Eli Drake
    2. Fallah Bah eliminated Vikingo
    3. Aerostar eliminated Fallah Bah
    4. Eddie Edwards eliminated Aerostar
    5. Sami Callihan defeated Puma King
    6. Psycho Clown defeated Sami Callihan
    7. Psycho Clown defeated Eddie Edwards
  4. Impact World Championship
    Fatal 4-Way
    Johnny Impact (c) defeated Moose vs Killer Kross vs Brian Cage