7 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 5/24

Impact Wrestling 5/24 took place from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

Impact Wrestling 5/24

Impact Wrestling was from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and had an ECW-nostalgic feel. Rob Van Dam faced Tommy Dreamer in the main event.

Here are 7 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 5/24:

7Sabu Makes The Save Against the North

  • Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer

Moose joined Josh Alexander and Ethan Page in a post-match attack on Dreamer and RVD this week. This followed RVD beating Tommy Dreamer in the night’s main event. Moose would give the North the numbers advantage when he came out but Sabu made the save and the ECW team stood tall to end the show.

6LAX Retain Titles But Controversy Follows

  • LAX (c) defeated the North – Impact Tag Team Championships

LAX defeated the North to retain their tag titles this week. Alexander and Page might have a complaint, however. It seemed as though the North actually got the 3-count moments before LAX did. Matthews and Callis said on commentary that the North might have a case for a rematch.

5Johnny Impact Is Going For The X-Division Title

Johnny Impact holds the big red X as a result of winning the Ultimate X match in April. He said this week that he hopes Michael Elgin sends Rich Swann to the hospital because he wants the X-Division title. Elgin and Impact agreed to team up to take on Mack and Swann next week.

4Rosemary Is Coming For Taya

  • Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne looked as though she was going to pick up the victory with a spinning reverse DDT but Taya grabbed ahold of the referee as the Rayne was giving her the move. Valkyrie then grabbed Rayne, delivered the Road to Valhalla and picked up the victory.

Following the match, Rosemary (with Su Yung on a leash) came out to confront the champ and make it known she wants a shot at the title.

3Dez Picks Up Win In X-Division 4-Way

  • Dez defeated Rohit Raju, Ace Austin, Petey Williams (fatal 4-way)

Dez from the Rascalz picked up the win in X-Division action this week. He pinned the Desi Hit Squad’s Rohit Raju.

Earlier in the show, the Rascalz were shown getting serious in their training while in Philadelphia:

2Sami Callihan Bites Feet, Wins Match, Spits At Scarlett Bordeaux

  • Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bah

Sami Callihan stooped to new lows in his match against Fallah Bah to kick things off this week. Callihan punched Fallah Bah in the bare feet and even bit his toes in order to gain the advantage. The members of OVE would come out to cause a distraction. They grabbed a hold of Bordeaux on the outside, leading Bah to avert his attention to them. When Bah got back in the ring, he took a Cactus Driver and ate a pinfall while Callihan had his feet on the ropes.

After the match, Callihan spat at Bordeaux.

1Tessa Blanchard Is Coming For Glenn Gilbertti

The former Disco Inferno was back on Impact Wrestling this week. After winning a Knockouts Battle Royal previously, Gilbertti this time wrestled an exhibition match against Ashley Vox. He didn’t put the microphone down the whole match either.

Eventually, Tessa Blanchard had to come out and put Gilbertti in his place. It was Blanchard who Gilbertti eliminated from the Battle Royal last, so she was getting some revenge for that as well.

It was later announced that Gilbertti will face Tessa Blanchard in inter-gender action next week.

Quick Results:

  1. Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bah w/Scarlett Bordeaux
  2. Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Madison Rayne
  3. Tag Team Championships: LAX (c) defeated the North
  4. Dez defeated Rohit Raju, Ace Austin, Petey Williams (fatal 4-way)
  5. Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer

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