7 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 6/28

Impact Wrestling 6/29 continued the build toward Slammiversary

Impact Wrestling 6/28

Impact Wrestling 6/28 was filmed inside New York’s Melrose Ballroom. It featured the continued build to Slammiversary on July 7th from Dallas.

Here are 7 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 6/28:

7Brian Cage Goes Against Doctors Orders…

Impact’s doctor attempted to tell Cage he was not medically cleared this week but this led to Cage giving him an F-5. Elgin then attacked Cage from behind. The challenger at Slammiversary delivered two Elgin Bombs to the champion before pulling out a table.

Elgin then power-bombed Cage from the ring down through a table on the floor below. Don Callis attempted to stop Elgin but ended up taking a beating himself as a result. Elgin was going to deliver an Elgin bomb to Callis but Brian Cage got up and made the save to close the show.

6Sami Callihan Takes A Bat To Tessa Blanchard

After beating Fallah Bah this week, Sami Callihan wanted to show Tessa Blanchard that he’ll treat her as an equal.

After calling her out to the ring, Callihan kicked Blanchard right in the face but this didn’t keep the former Knockouts champion down. Tessa would get up and take the fight to Callihan, resulting in OVE coming out to pry her off him. With Blanchard restrained, Callihan hit her in the midsection with a baseball bat and then gave her a piledriver.

5Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards – 1st Blood Match At Slammiversary

Eddie Edwards went to church this week to deal with all of his violent tendencies. The pastor he was talking to suddenly turned into Killer Kross, however. Edwards then left and told Kross he would be waiting for him outside the church. Kross decided to hang out in the church awhile and told a pastor he would like to confess to a long list of sins.

It was later announced that Kross and Edwards will face each other in a first blood match at Slammiversary.

4Rascalz Beat LAX In 6-Man Action

The Rascalz pulled off a bit of an upset this week when they defeated Santana, Ortiz, and Laredo Kid in 6-man action. The team would later debate which two of them will face LAX at Slammiversary, leading to a match between the 3 of them next week.

3Rascalz Triple Threat To Determine Who Goes To Slammiversary

After defeating LAX and Laredo Kid in 6-man action, the 3 members of the Rascalz debated who should represent their team at Slammiversary. They eventually decided to face each other in a triple threat match next week with the losing wrestler being excluded from their team at Slammiversary.

2There Are No Alliances In Monster’s Ball

A tag team match between Su Yung & Havok vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie was thrown out this week due to excessive use of weapons. That won’t be the case at Slammiverssary when all four competitors meet each other in a Monster’s Ball match for the Knockouts title.

Father James Mitchell again seemed to have problems getting his Yung and Havok to work together. He had to stop the two from fighting each other to end the segment.

1The North Are Ready For LAX

Before LAX defend their tag team titles against The Rascalz in Dallas at Slammiversary, they will have to contend with Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. The North will challenge for the tag team championships at Bash At The Brewery on July 5th. They defeated the Deaners to open up last night’s show and will head into their title match on a winning streak.

Quick Results:

  • The North defeated the Deaners
  • Su Yung & Havok vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie – No Contest
  • Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bah
  • The Rascalz defeated LAX & Laredo Kid

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