7 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling (7/5/18): LAX Civil War!

Impact Wrestling last night was a taped show from Windsor, ON, Canada. This was the second show to air from the tapings held there last month.

After tonight’s episode, there will just be two more weeks until Slammiversary and the final card for the event is becoming solidified.

Impact Wrestling
July 5th, 2018
St. Clair College
Windsor, ON, Canada

Here are the top 7 takeaways from Impact Wrestling this week:

7LAX Civil War!

Bullet Club isn’t the only faction imploding this summer. A leadership issue has also torn apart Konnan, King, and LAX.

Previously, Konnan returned to the group and told Ortiz and Santana he has proof that it was King who put the hit out on him all along. Konnan’s proof was only to dispute a series of phone calls from when he was in the hospital but King confessed all the same.

Santana and Ortiz were given the chance to go with either King or Konnan and they chose Konnan. This brought out Homicide and Hernandez who took out Konnan, Santana, and Ortiz. King’s LAX then stood tall to end the show.

It’s possible we get Konnan’s LAX (Santana and Ortiz) defending the Impact tag-team championships against King’s LAX (Hernandez and Homicide) at Slammiversary.

6Fenix and Rich Swann Tear The House Down

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that fans have been writing in to tell him about how good this match was live. Impact mentioned this on Twitter recently in an effort to promote the show.

This match received the treble of approving chants from the live crowd: “This is Awesome!” “Both these guys!” and “Fight Forever!”. Some streamers were even thrown.

After the match, oVe came out to attack Fenix. It looked as though Pentagon had made the save but then he kicked Fenix in the groin and revealed it was just Sami Callihan in a mask.

The real Pentagon came out to make the save (as did Swann) setting up our main event for next week: Sami Callihan & oVe vs. Fenix, Pentagon, and Rich Swann.

5Don Callis Signs Killer Kross

One of the best parts about having Don Callis on commentary is he can give explanations as to why Impact management would do something. Such was the case this week when Callis explained why Impact signed Killer Kross after he spent several weeks assaulting people in the back (while seemingly pretending to be a security guard).

Callis explained that when they discovered Kross was the person who had been attacking people, he looked him up. Turns out Kross has a background in bare-knuckled boxing and had pro-wrestling training. Callis continued to explain that the nature of the wrestling business allows for him to sign Kross to a contract in response to his unprovoked assaults rather than say pressing criminal charges.

Kross defeated Fallah Bah in easy fashion this week. He choked out Bah and then did the same to KM after the match.

4The Undead Brides Can Wrestle

We saw one of Su Yung’s undead brides wrestle this week, confirming they are able to do so. Undead Bride #1 teamed with Su Yung to take on the team of Allie and Madison Rayne.

In an interview earlier in the evening, Rayne said she was looking to Allie for guidance for when she takes on Su Yung at Slammiversary. Allie has been down some dark paths with her feuds with Rosemary (plus she was locked in a coffin a few weeks ago by Yung) and so has advice she can pass down to Rayne.

Madison Rayne picked up the win for her team in this match with the “Cross Rayne” on the undead bride.

During the match, Tessa Blanchard hit the ring looking to get revenge on Rayne. Blanchard has dropped two straight matches to Rayne via pinning combination. Allie took out Blanchard, however, possibly setting up an angle between the two of them. It’s possible we get Allie vs Blanchard at Slammiversary.

3Is Brian Cage The Future of the X-Division?

The X-Division isn’t about weight limits, it’s about no limits. This vague yet somehow also descriptive explanation for the X-Division has been given since its inception. In a sense, it is meant to say the action in the X-Division is innovative, athletic, and boundary-pushing. Nobody epitomizes that more than Brian Cage.

Cage defeated Kongo Kong last night, moving a step forward to receiving another shot at Matt Sydal and the X-Division championship. On a previous episode, Sydal defeated Cage via count-out after Kongo interfered.

Sydal appeared to strike some deal with Jimmy Jacobs to have Kongo take out Cage but the plan doesn’t appear to have worked.

Shortly after the conclusion of last night’s episode, it was revealed that Cage will receive another shot at the X-Division title at Slammiversary. Will the Machine take the title from Sydal? If so, just how dominant can Cage be in this division?

2Tommy Dreamer Has An Obsession With Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards’ feud with Sami Callihan caused him to spiral to a dark place. Tommy Dreamer, who saw his own career impacted by a similar obsession with Raven, tried to help Edwards. In response, however, Edwards’ delusions convinced him that Dreamer was involved with his wife.

Last week on Impact, Edwards traveled to Philadelphia and confronted Dreamer at a House of Hardcore show. He caned Dreamer in the head and busted him open. This week, Dreamer cut a fiery promo on how Edwards is obsessed with Sami Callihan but now Dreamer is obsessed with Edwards.

It was also revealed that Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards will face each other in a House of Hardcore match at Slammiversary.

1Austin Aries Wants To Send Moose to the XFL

The build-up to Moose vs Austin Aries at Slammiversary has been done through sit-down interviews. Aries claims that Moose is a failed football player trying out a new career whereas Aries is a wrestler and has always been a wrestler.

Moose, however, says he left football for wrestling. Not only that, he says he left a lot of money on the table in the NFL and even took a shot at his ex-wife for not supporting him when he decided to leave football for wrestling. Moose did mention, however, that unlike his ex-wife, his mother was supportive of his decision to chase his wrestling dream.

Aries got in the line of the night this week when he told Moose after he beats him at Slammiversary, he’d better hope the XFL is hiring.

A couple of other notes from Impact Wrestling:

  • The Great Gama Singh is running the Desi Hit Squad through several old-school drills.
  • Joe Hendry arrived in a backstage segment with Grado.
  • Konnan was able to lead the crowd in a “Gloryhole” chant during his segment with King and LAX
  • Katarina defeated Rebel
  • A new Knockout will debut shortly

Quick Results:

  1. Fenix defeated Rich Swann
  2. Killer Kross defeated Fallah Bah
  3. Madison Rayne & Allie defeated Su Yung & an Undead Bride
  4. Katarina defeated Rebel
  5. Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong

Updated Slammiversary Card

  • Mask vs Hair
    Pentagon Jr vs Sami Callihan
  • Impact World Championship
    Austin Aries (c) vs Moose
  • X-Division Championship
    Matt Sydal (c) vs Brian Cage
  • Knockouts Championship
    Su Yung (c) vs Madison Rayne
  • House of Hardcore Match
    Tommy Dreamer vs Eddie Edwards
  • Taiji Ishimori vs Johnny Impact vs Rich Swann vs Fenix