7 Takeaways From WWE Hell In A Cell 2017

7The Usos Are Once Again SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Photo Credit: WWE.com

New Day versus The Usos kicked off WWE Hell in a Cell 2017. Two trombones, a cowbell, a gong and a rainbow colored kendo stick were used in the match in the first several minutes. Jimmy Uso launched out of the ring onto Big E and the two Superstars smashed into the steel structure surrounding the ring. The Usos beatdown Xavier Woods and placed a kendo stick across his throat. One of the Usos then leaped onto Woods as he was up against the structure.

The Usos isolated Big E in the ring and tried to hit him with a kendo stick. Big E hit a Belly to Belly to Jey Uso and then sent Jimmy into the ring post. Jimmy connected with a Superkick and then charged at Big E once again. Big E caught him and threw him towards the ground and then Woods slid under him and delivered a knee to Jimmy’s spine. Big E and Xavier then pinned Jey Uso to the structure by trapping him with several kendo sticks. Jey broke free quickly and connected with a Superkick to Woods. Jey then lifted Big E onto his shoulders and Jimmy jumped through the ropes and hit a Spear that drove Big E into the steel.

Jimmy and Jey hit back-to-back Splashes onto Big E into the ring and Big E somehow kicked out. The Usos then brought handcuffs into the match and trapped Woods on the ring post. They then proceeded to hit him with two kendo sticks several times. Big E then got pissed off and slammed both Jimmy and Jey into the steel cell. Jimmy and Jey regained control of the match and hit two Superkicks onto Big E. They then hit a double Splash onto Big E but Woods broke up the pinfall.

Woods was still handcuffed and Jimmy and Jey took advantage by hitting him several times with a kendo stick. The Usos then placed a steel chair across Woods’ chest and hit another double Splash for the victory.

This match was incredible. I thought it had a chance to be the best match of the night, but it wound up being one of the best matches of the year so far. Hopefully, The Usos have a long run with the titles and help build up some more teams in the SmackDown tag division.