7 Takeaways From WWE RAW (11/20)

The November 20th episode of WWE RAW aired live from Houston, Texas. It was the first episode of RAW following WWE Survivor Series 2017. Here are 7 takeaways from this week’s episode of RAW:

7Triple H Backed Down From Strowman

RAW kicked off this week with Stephanie McMahon bragging about RAW’s victory last night at Survivor Series. Stephanie issued Kurt Angle that he will keep his job and then introduced her husband, Triple H. Last night at Survivor Series, Triple H Pedigreed Kurt Angle, but still won the 5-on-5 Elimination match for Team RAW.

Triple H posed in the ring for a moment but RAW GM Kurt Angle immediately interrupted and stormed down to the ring. Angle got right in Triple H’s face and told him to take this job and shove it if he ever attacks him from behind again. Angle told Triple H that he will be coming after him.

Jason Jordan then came down to the ring and challenged Triple H to a match. Stephanie McMahon said that Triple H would make a mockery of Jason Jordan and added that Triple H does not fear anyone in the locker room. Braun Strowman’s music hit and he marched to the ring and got right in Triple H’s face.

Triple H backed away and exited the ring as the crowd chanted “you’re a coward!”. Stephanie McMahon announced that Jason Jordan and Braun Strowman will have a match tonight and Strowman approached Jason Jordan but Kurt Angle separated the two Superstars.

I am already dreading RAW starting off with Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle every week while this storyline develops. I thought Jason Jordan would show up at Survivor Series and attack Triple H, instead he waited until the night after to challenge him. I’m fully expecting Jason Jordan to get absolutely destroyed by Braun Strowman tonight, unless someone shows up and ruins it.