7 Takeaways From WWE RAW (6/4)

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

The June 4th episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Here are 7 takeaways from this week’s show:

7Mahal & Elias Defeated Reigns & Rollins

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

RAW kicked off with an Elias performance. Elias asked the crowd “who wants to walk with Elias?” and the crowd cheered along. He referred to himself as WWE’s most valuable asset and vowed to become the next Intercontinental Champion at Money in the Bank.

Elias boasted about hitting Rollins with his guitar last week as footage of the attack was shown over and over again. Seth Rollins interrupted and hobbled his way down to the ring. Elias stood in the ring with the guitar and dared Rollins to get inside.

Seth circled the ring as the crowd chanted “lets go Rollins!”. Rollins grabbed a steel chair from under the ring and Elias slowly retreated towards the ropes as Seth hopped up to the ring apron. Rollins joined Elias in the ring for a standoff. The two circled each other and then took a swing at the same time.

Rollins hit the guitar out of Elias’ hand and Elias retreated to the corner. Jinder Mahal rushed the ring and attacked Rollins from behind. Roman Reigns came down for the save and beat the hell out of Jinder, Elias and Sunil Singh. RAW GM Kurt Angle came down to the entrance ramp and announced that Mahal & Elias will face Reigns & Rollins in a Tag Team Match right now.

Mahal and Rollins started off the match. Seth decked Jinder with a Dropkick and tagged in Roman. Reigns elbowed Mahal in the face and quickly tagged Seth back in. Mahal drove Seth to the corner, which allowed Elias to tag in and beatdown Rollins. Elias connected with a Clothesline and then applied a Headlock.

Seth eventually broke free, but Jinder was able to tag in and prevent him from tagging out. Rollins finally was able to tag out after throwing Mahal to the outside. Reigns blasted Elias off the ring apron and hit Jinder with a series of Clotheslines in the corner. Roman followed it up with a boot to the face and Elias tagged himself in.

Elias was greeted with a big boot from Reigns. Roman hit Mahal off the ring apron and then went for the Drive By on the ring apron. Sunil pulled Mahal out of the way and Elias connected with a Clothesline to Reigns. RAW went to a commercial break after Elias kneed Reigns in the head outside the ring.

When RAW returned, Elias had Reigns trapped in the corner. He connected with a couple of right hands and then tagged Mahal back in. Jinder delivered an elbow to the head, a knee to the back and then a Headlock. Mahal broke the hold to hit Reigns with a knee to the ribs before tagging Elias back into the match. Elias dropped Roman with an elbow to the face for a two count.

Mahal tagged back in and continued to beatdown Reigns. Jinder went back to the Headlock, but Reigns broke free this time and planted him with a Samoan Drop. Rollins tagged in and connected with a Slingblade to Elias. Seth followed it up with a Blockbuster off the second rope for a two count. Seth connected with the Falcon Arrow and went for the cover. Mahal leaped into the ring to break it up, but was then dropped with a Superman Punch.

Rollins geared up for the Curb Stomp but Sunil jumped up on the apron. Seth shoved him down and Reigns caught him. Mahal used the distraction and launched Roman into the steel steps. Jinder threw Reigns over the barricade, but turned around into a Suicide Dive from Rollins. Seth bashed his head/neck into the barricade during the move. Sunil grabbed a steel chair, but Rollins took it from him and brought it into the ring. Elias planted Rollins with a DDT onto the chair and then the Drift Away for the pinfall victory. Roman and Jinder brawled backstage later on the show.