7 Takeaways From WWE SmackDown (7/31)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The July 31st episode of WWE SmackDown aired live from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. Here are takeaways 7 from the show:

7Charlotte Returned To Save Becky Lynch

Renee Young welcomed Becky Lynch down to the ring to start off this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Lynch stated that she hasn’t had a title match since WrestleMania 33, which is almost a year and a half ago. She added that she couldn’t sleep after she defeated Carmella last week and is now in line for a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Becky said she will give it her all at SummerSlam and it would be an honor to walk into WWE Evolution the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Carmella interrupted and made her way down to the ring. Carmella stated that normally she would come out here with some kind of excuse as to why she was fired but that is not the case tonight.

Carmella congratulated Becky on beating her fair and square last week on SmackDown and earning her title shot. She brought up being a part of the first ever all women’s PPV and claimed that she has failed as a representative. Carmella added that Becky has always been a step ahead of her. Carmella admitted that she was told in NXT that she would only ever be a manager or a hype girl.

She stated that she was the last draft pick to SmackDown while Becky Lynch was the first female Superstar selected. Carmella noted that the WWE Universe has always loved Becky Lynch and the crowd responded by chanting “Becky!”. Carmella then got choked up and said that most of the WWE Universe do not think she deserves to be champion.

Carmella wiped away the tears and admitted that it was exhausting dealing with all the haters on social media. Carmella changed her tune and said she could not be more excited to face someone she has always admired at WWE SummerSlam. Carmella wished Becky luck and extended her hand. Ellsworth’s music hit and Becky Lynch was distracted by it.

Carmella used the distraction and Superkicked Lynch in the face. Carmella then grabbed a chair from under the ring when Charlotte’s music hit. Charlotte Flair rushed the ring and booted Carmella in the face. Charlotte then connected with an Exploder Suplex that sent Carmella out of the ring. Carmella retreated up the entrance ramp as Charlotte helped Becky Lynch back up to her feet.

Carmella then confronted SmackDown GM Paige backstage and Paige told her that she should be ashamed of herself. Paige announced that Carmella will face Charlotte tonight and if Flair wins she will be added to the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.