7 Takeaways From WWE Survivor Series 2017

WWE Survivor Series 2017 aired live on the WWE Network from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX on November 19th.

Kickoff Show results:

  • Elias defeated Matt Hardy
  • Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto 
  • Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens defeated Breezango

Owens and Zayn cut a promo before their match and claimed that it was insulting that they were relegated to the Kickoff Show. Owens and Zayn also questioned why Shane McMahon was still the SmackDown Commissioner.

Here are 7 takeaways from WWE Survivor Series 2017:

7The Shield Put Team RAW Up 1-0

New Day versus The Shield started off WWE Survivor Series 2017. Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston started off the match. Ambrose got the upper-hand and smacked Kingston in the face. Kofi laughed and tagged in Xavier Woods. Seth Rollins got in the match and leveled Woods with a Clothesline.

Big E was tagged in and Rollins tagged in Roman Reigns. Big E knocked Reigns to the mat and mocked him. Reigns got back up and planted Big E with a Samoan Drop. The Shield then Clotheslined Kofi and Big E out of the ring and Woods was left all alone in the ring. The Shield spent the next few minutes taking turns beating the hell out of Woods.

New Day battled back and isolated Dean Ambrose in the corner of the ring and took turns stomping on him. Ambrose was still able to power out of the corner and connected with a Clothesline to Big E. Woods tagged himself in and beatdown Ambrose again in the corner. New Day once again took turns stomping on Ambrose in the corner.

Rollins and Reigns dragged Kofi and Woods off the ring apron. Ambrose connected with a Suicide Dive onto Woods. Ambrose went to get back into the ring but Big E Speared him off the ring apron and to the floor outside the ring. The action returned to the ring and Woods continued the beatdown on Ambrose. Ambrose finally escaped and tagged in Rollins.

Seth connected with a Slingblade onto Kingston for a two count. Rollins Powerbombed Woods into the turnbuckle as Roman Reigns tagged himself in. Reigns hit a Clothesline and then geared up for the Superman Punch. Woods dodged Roman’s first attempt but Reigns connected with his second attempt. Reigns went for a Spear but Woods got his knee up. Big E and Ambrose were then tagged in.

Big E hit a Belly to Belly to Reigns and then everything broke down. Ambrose and Rollins teamed up on Kofi Kingston. Rollins hit the knee and then Ambrose planted Kingston with the Dirty Deeds but Woods broke up the pinfall. Woods then tagged himself in but Rollins connected with a Superkick.

Reigns and Ambrose slammed Big E into the barricade outside the ring. They then walked to the other side of the ring and slammed Kofi Kingston into the barricade. The Shield were going for the Triple Powerbomb but Big E dragged Reigns out of the ring and launched him into the steel steps.

New Day teamed up and beatdown Reigns outside the ring. Back in the ring, Woods connected with a right hand onto Ambrose and then tagged in Big E. Big E lifted Ambrose up onto his shoulders and Kofi and Woods booted Ambrose in the face. Big E lifted Rollins and Ambrose onto his shoulders and Woods and Kofi connected with a double Midnight Hour. Reigns speared Big E.

Both teams slowly stood up and stared at each other from across the ring. The Shield and New Day charged at each other and battled out of the ring. Ambrose planted Big E with the Dirty Deeds and Rollins hit Woods with a knee. Reigns connected with a Spear onto Kofi Kingston outside the ring. Reigns set up on the second rope and The Shield Triple Powerbombed Kofi Kingston off the second rope for the victory.

The Shield and New Day put on an excellent opening match. The crowd was split during this match. At one point they were very behind New Day, but they booed them out of the building when they would not stop stomping on Dean Ambrose during the beginning of the match. Reigns still managed to get a “you still suck!” chant from the Houston crowd.