7 Ways WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy Got Into Cruiserweight Shape

Buddy Murphy

It’s no secret that Buddy Murphy’s physique for the cruiserweight division was no easy feat. The former Aussie Rules football player took the time to reveal his training regiment in order to be eligible for 205 Live for Muscle and Fitness.

1) Step Up the Cardio

“At high school, I was always a very good runner. As a team, we came third in Australia for the 100m sprint, and second in the relay. I was really into athletics.”

“Intense cardio such as sprinting is a great way to increase your resting metabolic rate, meaning that your body is burning more fuel even during recovery periods.”

2) Put Cardio First

“I always do cardio before a workout. Attacking cardio before hitting the weights increases your core temperature and provides greater oxygenated blood circulation, serving the muscles better. Further benefits of doing cardio before weights include stretching the muscles prior to lifting heavier loads, setting your body up for a more productive workout.”

3) Turn Obstacles into Challenges

“Traveling from town-to-town and wrestling 200 matches per year puts a lot of obstacles in the way of staying motivated and finding the right place to train. Like many of us busy gym-goers, I could easily call it a day when the going gets tough, but I instead turn these obstacles into challenges.”

“As soon as I put my bags down in the hotel, I’ll do a search on my phone to find which local gyms are in my area. One of my favorite things about traveling is experimenting with different workouts in different gyms. If I can’t get to a Gold’s Gym and I’m stuck in a small hotel gym and it’s only got a medicine ball and a treadmill, how am I going to make sure I get a decent workout from this environment? I love that challenge.”

4) Eat Right in the Wrong Places

“It’s inevitable that we are all going to find ourselves in a gas station or a fast food restaurant at some point during our training. Hectic lifestyles dictate that we can’t always control where we eat, but we can still control what we order.”

“When I started cutting weight, I was still at home so in the initial stages I made sure to be low on calories by measuring everything out. Now that I’m back on the road with WWE and everything is so hectic I can’t travel around with scales to weigh food, so I keep it simple. If I go to Denny’s for example, I’ll order egg whites and vegetables. You just have to go with whatever is the healthiest option.”

5) Cut Out the Junk to Optimize Hormone Levels

“I felt better than ever and it turns out that this wasn’t just because of the reduced calories.”

6) Be “All In”

“You should never do anything half-heartedly.”  “Whether it’s training or pro wrestling, it has to be a lifestyle and not a hobby. And that goes for anything that you want to do in life, if you truly want to be successful at it.”

7) Keep Challenging Yourself

“I’ve knuckled down and really focused on being part of 205 Live! and now that I am here, it’s like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve taken [WWE] by storm and made a name for myself, and it’s only a matter of time before I win the title.”