8 Takeaways From AEW All Out

AEW All Out: Saturday, August 31, 2019 from Chicago, IL

AEW All Out aired live from the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago tonight.

Buy In Results:

  • Nyla Rose won the Casino Battle Royal to earn a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship
  • Private Party def. Angelico & Jack Evans

In addition to the takeaways below, AEW Full Gear was announced for Saturday, November 9th.

Here are 8 takeaways from the show:

8SCU Picked Up The Victory

Photo Credit: allelitewrestling.com

SCU squared off against Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt in a 6-man tag match to start off the show. Jungle Boy and Kazarian started off the match. Frankie and Jungle Boy traded roll-up attempts and then had a staredown as the crowd applauded.

Frankie connected with a Clothesline and tagged Christopher Daniels into the match. Luchasaurus tagged in to a great reaction from the crowd. Luchasaurus Suplexed Daniels and tagged in Marko Stunt. Marko hit a Dropkick in the corner and followed it up with a kick that sent Daniels out of the ring.

Stunt hit Scorpio Sky with a Hurricanrana and followed it up with a Suicide Dive to Daniels. Jungle Boy then took everyone out with a Suicide Dive. Luchasaurus then flipped onto everyone as the crowd went bananas.

Marko leaped off of Luchasaurus’ shoulders and hit Daniels with a Crossbody. Jungle Boy and Kazarian tagged in. Frankie hit Jungle Boy with a Dropkick and bounced his head off the turnbuckle. Scorpio Sky tagged in and hit Jungle Boy with a Double Stomp before tagging Daniels back in.

Daniels Clotheslined Jungle Boy before Frankie tagged back in. Kaz hit a Dropkick in the corner and Daniels tagged in. Jungle Boy connected with a Clothesline as Marko and Luchasaurus pleaded for a tag.

Luchasaurus tagged in and booted the hell out of SCU. Luchasaurus followed it up with a Chokeslam and a Standing Shooting Star Press on Kazarian for a two count. Marko hit Kazarian with a DDT and went for the cover but Daniels broke it up.

SCU sent the Jurassic Express to the outside and Scorpio Sky flipped on to Luchasaurus. Back in the ring, Kazarian lifted Marko and Jungle Boy up in the air and Daniels hit the BME for the pinfall victory.