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8 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 7/19

Impact Wrestling 7/19 was filmed last Sunday in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Impact Wrestling from July 19th was filmed inside Mississauga’s Don Kolov Arena and featured a “Mash-Up” tournament. 8 teams of oddly paired wrestlers would face off in 4 first-round matches. The winning teams would then face-off in a 4-way elimination match in the main event.

A match between the two members of the winning team will then occur on a future Impact Plus event with the winner receiving a future Impact World title shot. Unbreakable will air live on Impact Plus August 2nd.

8 Moose & Eddie Edwards Advance To Finals

Eddie Edwards & Moose had an advantage over the other teams in this tournament. While Moose and Edwards have been rivals in recent months, they have been a successful tag team in the past. Moose and Edwards formed a team during a tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2017.

Raju and Deaner were not able to work as a team the same way Edwards and Moose did and Edwards pinned Raju with a Boston Knee Party.

After the match, the Deaners and Desi Hit Squad brawled in the ring to end the segment.

7 Madman Fulton Turns On Partner, Jake Crist & Wentz Advance

Jake Crist and Wentz from the Rascalz advanced to the finals when Madman Fulton turned on his partner, Rich Swann. Jake Crist was able to control the monster, who then delivered several chokeslams to the X-Division champion, allowing Crist and Wentz to get the win and advance to the finals.

6 Nobody Said “Adventure” – Mack & Elgin Advance

Ace Austin needed to find a partner for his first-round match against Willie Mack and Michael Elgin. This led to Stone Rockwell swooping in as if somebody said the word “adventure.” Nobody said adventure, though. Don Callis would specifically state on commentary that he had banned use of the word.

Regardless, Rockwell ended up as Austin’s partner and promptly got pinned after a power-bomb from Elgin.

5 3 Sami vs Tessa Blanchard – Blanchard & Callihan Advance

The theme of tonight’s show was a mash-up tournament similar to what you might see when playing a video game. This match looked as though one player selected two Sami to play and the other player picked one Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard.

Trey came out dressed as Sami Callihan and attempted to recreate many of Callihan’s signature gross taunts, such as eating his own spit.

Despite Blanchard and Callahan not getting along throughout the match, the two managed to pick up the victory. Tessa hit Magnum on Trey followed by Sami tagging himself in and delivering a piledriver for the win.

4 Is Taya Valkyrie Afraid of Havok?

Taya does not like to defend her title more than the once every 30 days she is required to. That’s why she opted not to put her title on the line in this week’s triple threat match against both Havok and Madison Rayne.

In fact, Taya would bail on the match after shortly after taking a few moves from Havok. This left Madison Rayne all alone with Havok, who promptly hit a tombstone piledriver and got the win.

3 Moose Turns On Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards and Moose was the first eliminated from the 4-team elimination finals of the Mash-Up tournament.

Just when it seemed theywere working well as a team, Moose turned on Edwards. Inexplicably, Moose kicked Edwards in the stomach and then power-bombed him to the outside.

Will this turn of events lead to a rivalry between Eddie Edwards and Moose? This led to Elgin delivering a power-bomb to Edwards and eliminating him and Moose from the match.

2 Michael Elgin Walks Out Willie Mack

As push started to come to shove during the main event, another competitor walked out. Just as Taya had done earlier in the evening, Michael Elgin opted to bail on his match. He gave his partner, Willie Mack, a big clothesline before he did so as well.

This left Willie Mack alone in the ring with Sami Callihan, who delivered a piledriver and got the pin. This left Blanchard & Callihan against Wentz and Crist as the final two teams in the match.

1 Tessa Blanchard & Sami Callihan Win The Mash-Up Tournament

Callihan had said throughout the evening that he planned to recreate the “Finger Poke of Doom” during the tournament with Jake Crist. His OVE ally was not totally on-board with this plan, however, wanting a world title shot himself. When Crist and Callihan attempted to do the Finger Poke of Doom, Crist tried to double-cross him with a small package but Callihan kicked out.

Following this, Tessa made a blind tag, hit Crist with Magnum and got the win for her team. Blanchard and Sami Callihan will now face off against each other once again on August 2nd. This time the winner of their match will receive an Impact world title shot.

Quick Results:

  • Moose & Eddie Edwards defeated Rohit Raju & Cody Deaner (Mash-Up First Round)
  • Jake Crist & Wentz defeated Madman Fulton & Rich Swann (Mash-Up First Round)
  • Michael Elgin & Willie Mack defeated Stone Rockwell & Ace Austin (Mash-Up First Round)
  • Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard defeated Trey Miguel & Dave Crist (Mash-Up First Round)
  • Havok defeated Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie – Non-Title
  • Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard defeated Moose & Eddie Edwards, Jake Crist & Wentz, & Michael Elgin & Willie Mack

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