8 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 8/2

Impact Wrestling 8/2

Impact Wrestling presented two shows last night. Impact Unbreakable was presented on the Impact Plus streaming app while their normal weekly television show aired on Twitch, Pursuit, and the promotion’s international broadcast partners.

Here are 8 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 8/2:

8The North Retain, Attacked By Ortiz and Daga In The Back

The North defeated the Rascalz to retain the tag titles in this week’s main event. It looked as though Trey and Dez had the belts won at one point by Page pulled the referee out of the ring before the 3 count could be made. The North then gained the advantage and pulled off the win.

After the match, however, Ortiz attacked both members of the tag team champions in the back as he yelled that those titles don’t belong to them. With Santana injured, however, Alexander and Page were able to gain the advantage on Ortiz. Daga would then make the save with Konnan along with him.

Next week Daga and Ortiz will challenge for the tag titles.

7Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer Stand Tall Over OVE

Tessa Blanchard and Madman Fulton had a singles match this week waved off after interference from Tommy Dreamer. Fulton was about to use a chair on Blanchard when Dreamer made the save.

After the match was thrown out, Blanchard got a hold of a kendo stick and wailed on Fulton for a bit before she and Dreamer teamed up to throw him out of the ring.

As this was airing, Impact was also in Santa Ana, California for Unbreakable. Callihan and Blanchard would headline the show.

6Melissa Santos To Provide Update On Brian Cage Next Week

Jimmy Jacobs was shown on the doorstep of Melissa Santos and Brian Cage’s residence this week. Santos answered the door and Jacobs asked for a medical update on Cage’s condition. Santos said she would sit down with Jacobs next week and answer any questions he has but that her and Brian are looking for privacy at the moment.

5Aiden Prince Earns X-Division Title Shot

The hometown kid Aiden Prince pulled off a big victory to kick off this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. He won a 6-way match to earn a shot at Jake Crist’s X-Division title against Wentz, Rohit Raju, Petey Williams, Chuck Mambo and Cody Deaner.

It’s the biggest opportunity to date in Impact for the Windsor-based wrestler in the promotion. He’ll face Jake Crist for the belt next week.

4Sami Callihan Jealous of Jake Crist?

After Aiden Prince won the X-Division contendership match, a backstage segment featuring OVE was shown. Callihan did give some credit to Jake for winning the X-Division title from Rich Swann (which Jake noted was something Callihan couldn’t do) but there appears to be some tension building within OVE and possibly some jealousy on Callihan’s part.

3Su Yung Sends A Message To Havok

Havok picked up a win over the former referee and current stooge for Taya Valkyrie, Johnny Bravo this week. Bravo had attempted to seduce the kaiju monster to no avail last week and again before the match could begin this week.

After the match, Su Yung appeared on the videotron and cut a promo on Havok (one could assume). The promo was not in any known or translatable language, however, so what it is she said to Havok remains a mystery.

2Eddie Edwards Attacks Ace Austin

Ace Austin picked up a win over the man of adventure Stone Rockwell this week. After the match, however, Austin was attacked by Eddie Edwards. Previously, we have seen videos of Austin in the back performing magic tricks for Edwards’s wife Alicia which evidently upset Eddie.

After the match, we were shown a scene of Alicia and Eddie Edwards arguing in the back over what had occurred.

1Fallah Bah Has Lost 100lbs, Defeats Moose

Moose cut a promo about not being given enough opportunities from Impact management and that he should be world champ. He took his aggression out on Stone Rockwell, who had just dropped a match to Ace Austin and was still in the ring.

Fallah Bah then returned to Impact Wrestling last night after having lost 100lbs. He came out to confront Moose as he was beating up Rockwell and this led to an impromptu match.

Don Callis noted on commentary how much quicker and more agile the weight loss has made Fallah Bah. He certainly showcased that in his match against Moose, picking up the suprise upset over the former title challenger.

Quick Results:

  1. Aiden Prince defeated Wentz vs Petey Williams vs Cody Deaner vs Chuck Mambo vs Rohit Raju
  2. Havok defeated John E Bravo
  3. Ace Austin defeated Stone Rockwell
  4. Fallah Bah defeated Moose
  5. Tessa Blanchard vs Madman Fulton – No Contest
  6. Impact Tag Team Championships: The North (c) defeated the Rascalz

Next Week:

  • Knockouts Championship: Havok vs Taya Valkyrie
  • Eddie Edwards vs LAX
  • X-Division Championship: Jake Crist (c) vs Aiden Prince
  • Impact Tag Team Championships: The North (c) vs LAX (Ortiz & Daga)