8 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 8/9

It was a big night on Impact Wrestling last night. Eddie Edwards would challenge for the title against Austin Aries. Matt Sydal took on Pentagon Jr and Sami Callihan descended further into madness.

Here are 8 Takeaways from Impact Wrestling 8/9:

8Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams Impact’s Newest Team?

Two weeks ago on Impact Wrestling, Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams were opponents. Ishimori defeated Williams on the first episode following Slammiversary last month. The two former X-Division champions showed each other respect after the match but were then attacked by the Great Gama Singh’s Desi Hit Squad.

This week on Impact, Ishimori and Williams teamed up and defeated Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh. Is this the start of a new and successful tag-team?

One thing that is for sure is that the Desi Hit Squad has angered their manager, the Great Gama Singh.

7Tessa Blanchard Wants the Knockouts Title, Allie Just Wants Su Yung

This week on Impact Wrestling, Allie sent a message to Su Yung that her time has come. Allie challenged Yung to a match next week but this did not sit too well with Tessa Blanchard.

Blanchard defeated Alisha Edwards this week and then cut a promo on Allie after the match. She said Allie was just trying to weasel her way into a Knockouts title match and didn’t actually care about Su Yung’s reign of terror being ended. Blanchard then said if Allie was going to wrestle Su Yung next week, she’ll be there too.

We spoke with Blanchard earlier in the day, and she stressed to us how important winning the Knockouts Championship is to her.

“My main goal in Impact Wrestling is the Knockouts Championship,” Blanchard said with confidence.

“Because having that championship means you are the best.”

“I’m confident I am the uncrowned champion because I am the best women’s wrestler in Impact Wrestling,” she continued.

6Scarlett Bordeaux’s “the Smokeshow” Talk Show Debuts Next Week

Scarlett Bordeaux not only has Bobo wrapped around her finger but the whole Impact management team.

The easily manipulated management team then caved to Scarlett’s wishes and announced she will have her own talk show segment “the Smoke Show” debuting next week.

5Pentagon’s Win-Streak Continues, Sydal’s Losing Streak Continues

Before the match, Sydal spoke about how even though he isn’t the champion anymore, he still has the spirit of an X-Division Champion inside of him.

It wouldn’t help him this week, however, Pentagon defeated him with a package piledriver in a match which any other week would have been the main event.

4Sami Callihan Wants oVe to Look Like A Family

Callihan continued to spiral out of control this week. After Pentagon defeated Sydal, Callihan and oVe appeared on the big screen. Callihan said he was sick of all the losing they’ve been doing as of late. He then forced Jake Crist to shave the head of Dave Crist so they would look more like a family.

3King Challenges Konnan and LAX To A Street Fight

“We’re like scarecrows: Out-standing in our field” – Konnan

King and Konnan had an interesting back and forth this week, as they tend to do.

After an at times hilarious debate between the two, it was decided that this battle would be taken to the streets. A street fight between the two factions was agreed to before the segment ended.

2Next Week Johnny Impact Gets “the Monster”

Last week on Impact, Johnny Impact punched Jacobs in the mouth and demanded a chance for revenge against Kongo Kong.

This week on Impact, Jimmy Jacobs delivered a message to Johnny. He said he’s a good guy and was just trying to give Johnny fair warning last week.

“You want the monster, you got the monster,” Jacobs warned. “Johnny, be careful. I am the monster.”

1Killer Kross Is Aligned With Austin Aries

It looked as though Eddie Edwards was going to win the Impact World Championship. What we didn’t know going into the match was that Aries had an insurance policy all along.

With the referee down, Killer Kross came to ringside and took out Edwards, allowing Aries to pick up the win. The champion and his back-up celebrated in the ring to close the show.

Quick Results:

  • Taiji Ishimori & Petey Williams defeated the Desi Hit Squad
  • Tessa Blanchard defeated Alisha Edwards
  • Pentagon Jr. defeated Matt Sydal
  • Impact World Championship
    Austin Aries (c) defeated Eddie Edwards