8 Takeaways From WWE RAW (5/28)

Photo Credit: WWE.com

The May 28th, 2018 episode of WWE RAW aired live from Richmond, VA. Here are 8 takeaways from this week’s show:

8Kevin Owens Interfered In The Rematch Between Balor & Strowman

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

Braun Strowman came down to the ring to kick off this week’s episode of RAW. Strowman got a great reaction from the crowd as he looked up at the briefcase hanging above the ring. Braun stated that the briefcase motivates him because inside of it is a contract that guarantees him a shot at the Universal Champion at any time.

The crowd started chanting “get these hands!” as Strowman vowed to destroy 7 other men at Money in the Bank and capture the MITB contract. He added that he will become known as “Mr. Monster in the Bank” after he wins the match. Strowman said that nobody in the match can stop him from getting the MITB contract and going after Brock Lesnar.

Finn Balor interrupted and told Strowman that he is getting ahead of himself. Balor said that he was the Universal Champion and that he never lost that title. Finn admitted that it eats at him every day and that he is going to take back what is his. Braun said that Balor put up a really good fight last week for a little guy.

Balor didn’t like that and slapped Strowman in the face. Braun got pissed off and thew Finn across the ring as RAW GM Kurt Angle’s music hit. Angle came down to the entrance ramp and said that he sees intensity out here. Kurt went over the rules of the MITB Ladder Match and then asked the crowd if they wanted to see Balor versus Strowman right now. The crowd cheered and a referee ran down to the ring.

Kevin Owens joined commentary for the match. Owens, Balor and Strowman have already qualified for the men’s MITB Ladder Match. The bell rang and Strowman immediately threw Balor around the ring a couple of times. Balor battled back with a forearm to the face. Strowman shrugged it off and launched Balor into the turnbuckle. Owens grabbed a microphone from the announce table and shouted at Strowman to do better than that as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Strowman was still in control of the match. Braun threw Balor out of the ring and hit him with a massive shoulder tackle that sent Finn flying into the crowd. Finn shoved Braun into the ring post and then attacked him as Strowman tried to get back into the ring. Balor connected with a Dropkick that sent Braun flying out of the ring.

Owens got back on the microphone and told Balor to give Strowman his best shot. Finn connected with an Enziguri and then flipped onto Braun outside the ring. Back in the ring, Finn hit a Slingblade, a Dropkick and then made his way to the top rope. Balor hit the Coup de Grace and then climbed up to the top rope once again. Owens hopped up onto the ring apron and punched Balor in the face.

The match ended in a DQ because Owens got involved. Owens grabbed a ladder from under the ring and struck Balor with it. Owens tried to attack Strowman, but Braun grabbed the ladder from him. Strowman threw the ladder at Owens as he ran away up the entrance ramp. Owens was able to avoid the ladder and continued to run backstage as Braun posed in the ring.

Owens was then shown trying to exit the arena, but he was stopped by RAW GM Kurt Angle. Kurt told Owens that he couldn’t leave because he had a match against Bobby Roode tonight.