9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 10/18

Johnny Impact and Fenix
Johnny Impact and Fenix

Impact Wrestling aired their first episode since Bound For Glory last night. For the next 4 weeks the Impact will take place inside New York’s Melrose Ballroom.

Here are 9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 10/18:

9Fenix To Challenge For Impact World Championship Next Week

Johnny Impact kicked off this week’s episode with an in-ring promo. He said he will be a fighting champion and then threw some shade on Austin Aries for having been the opposite. Impact also said if he felt someone deserves a title shot, he will give one to them. This brought out Fenix who said he wanted a shot at the title. That title match was then made official for next week.

8Sami Callihan Wants A Shot At The X-Division Championship

  • X-Division Championship
    Brian Cage (c) defeated Rich Swann

Brian Cage defended his title this week against Rich Swann in the main event. After finishing off his challenger with Weapon-X, Sami Callihan hit the ring. Callihan made it clear he wants a shot at Cage’s title next. The Draw became the first person to pin Cage at Bound For Glory on Sunday, albeit it took a barrage of super-kicks from 3 wrestlers and Callihan’s Cactus Driver to do it.

7Taya Valkyrie Doesn’t Respect Tessa Blanchard Anymore

  • Taya Valkyrie defeated Katarina

On Sunday, champion and challenger each kicked out of the other’s signature finishing moves. In Tessa’s case, however, the referee was momentarily out of position putting away the ring apron which she had dragged into the ring. The question is then would Valkyrie have won if Tessa hadn’t of brought the ring apron into play? Valkyrie kicked out of Blanchard’s Buzzsaw DDT but was then unable to kick out after a top-rope codebreaker (Magnum – named after her step-father, Magnum TA), allowing Blanchard to retain.

After defeating Katarina this week, Valkyrie said she was not impressed with the champion’s tactics at the PPV, referring to bringing the ring apron in to buy time. Lucha Royalty continued to say she has lost her respect for Tessa Blanchard.

“I’m just more disappointed more than anything,” Valkyrie said after her match with Katarina. “I really respected Tessa and after that, I don’t.”

6Allie’s Fine, Totally Fine. Don’t Even Worry About It

  • Allie defeated Alisha Edwards

Despite having descended into the Undead realm on Sunday, Allie’s fine, don’t even worry about it. That was what she told Kiera Hogan earlier in the show. She defeated Alisha Edwards this week but it’s clear her experience in the underworld has left her unhinged or possibly even possessed. Allie was adamant on Sunday that she and Hogan had to go back for Rosemary.

She began slapping herself in the face near the end of the match. She finished Edwards off with a codebreaker shortly after. Allie then continued to beat down Edwards after the match, choking her until Kiera Hogan brought her back to her senses.

5Killer Kross And Moose Have Taken Out Their Competition

  • Killer Kross defeated Tommy Dreamer via referee stoppage

Austin Aries may be gone but his two henchmen are still running rampant over the Impact Wrestling roster. They may have lost to Edwards and Dreamer at the PPV, they won the war by taking out Edwards after the match. They delivered a beatdown to Tommy Dreamer this week. Kross defeated Dreamer in single’s action via referee stoppage after 2 Doomsday Saito suplexes. Moose and Kross again kept up the attack after the match.

With Edwards and Dreamer out of the way, Moose and Killer Kross have an open road ahead of them.

4The Great Gama Singh Returns To The Ring Next Week

The Great Gama Singh hasn’t wrestled since some reunion shows in Alberta in 2006-07 and also in Puerto Rico around the same time. Backstage this week, Singh told Rohit Raju he would have to face him next week in Rohit’s final test. Raju defeated Gursinder Singh last week in a match where the loser had to leave the Desi Hit Squad and go back to India.

3The OGZ Still Have A Piece Of New York

After losing the Concrete Jungle Deathmatch at Bound For Glory, the OGZ met with the family bosses. King told Konnan the bosses were kind enough to allow them to keep a piece of New York provided they stay on their side and leave LAX alone. Then they left. So, I guess this means King and the OGZ are still around but they can’t do anything to mess with LAX, for a while at least, anyway.

2Ethan Page and His 3rd Eye Pick Up A Victory

  • Ethan Page defeated Trevor Lee

Page and Sydal lost at Bound For Glory but that’s ok because as the Buddha teaches, life is suffering. That was how Sydal told Page to think about it, at least. They got back into the win column this week when Page defeated Trevor Lee in single’s action.

1Jordynne Grace Is On Her Way To Impact Wrestling

Josh Mathews mentioned the news that Impact signed Jordynne Grace to a contract. Grace competed in the Battle Royal at All In. With the nickname “Thick Mama Pump”, Grace is a powerhouse who has won over fans across the independent scene.

Check out Grace in this free match from Smash Wrestling’s Northern tournament held this summer. Grace takes on Joey Janela in the tournament’s 1st round:

Quick Results:

  1. Taya Valkyrie defeated Katarina
  2. Ethan Page defeated Trevor Lee
  3. Killer Kross via referee stoppage
  4. Allie defeated Alisha Edwards
  5. X-Division Championship
    Brian Cage (c) defeated Rich Swann