9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 2/1

Impact Wrestling was back in Mexico City this week. They are building to a special branded episode "UnCaged" in 2 weeks.

Impact Wrestling 2/1

Impact Wrestling 2/1 aired from Mexico City last night. The promotion is building towards a special “Uncaged” episode to take place in two weeks.

Here are 9 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 2/1:

9Moose Pinned Johnny Impact In Tag Team Main Event

Johnny Impact and Brian Cage were forced to team up this week to take on Killer Kross and Moose. The two will face each other in two weeks at UnCaged for the world title. Impact accidentally hit Cage with a kick during the closing moments of the match. As Cage prepared to respond, Moose hit Impact with a spear and pinned him.

Don Callis noted on commentary that the champion might have spread himself too thin, leading to recent losses. Frustration from the fan reaction to how he won at Homecoming might also play a role in what Callis sees as a character change in the champion.

8Lucha Bros vs LAX Rematch In 2 Weeks At UnCaged

Impact Wrestling kicked off last night’s episode with a trios match. The Lucha Bros and LAX were both paired with a luchador from AAA recommended by Konnan. Daga teamed with LAX and Taurus teamed with the Lucha Bros. After the Lucha Bros picked up the win they challenged LAX to a rematch from Homecoming with the tiles once again on the line. LAX agreed and that match will take place in two weeks at UnCaged.

7Rosemary Continues To Haunt Dark Allie

Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace defeated Dark Allie and Su Yung in tag team action this week. Rosemary magically appeared on the ring apron in place of Yung much like she has been doing in Allie’s matches as of late. The dark sorcery used by Rosemary caused the distraction allowing Kiera Hogan to hit a fisherman suplex on Allie for the win.

6Next PPV Will Be Rebellion – April 28th – Toronto

Impact Wrestling announced this week they will return to Toronto for the April 28th Rebellion PPV. They will be back in Rebel Nightclub, the home of Slammiversary last summer.

5Scarlett Bordeaux Is Training Real Hard For Her Debut

Previously, Scarlett Bordeaux has demonstrated a propensity to eat bananas whole during her training videos. This week the “10 amongst 5s” built anticipation towards her debut in the Knockouts division by sparring with Bobo by a pool.

4Tessa Blanchard Will Be Back At UnCaged

Tessa Blanchard’s suspension for attacking a production assistant and Gail Kim in the back recently will be lifted for the February 15th UnCaged episode. A video she posted directed at Taya on social media was played. Will Blanchard get a rematch right away against Taya, however? We might have to wait until UnCaged to find out.

3Will The Old Eddie Edwards Return?

Eli Drake has been lobbying for the old Eddie Edwards to return. He says the hardcore version of Edwards has fallen out of the world title picture but the old Eddie Edwards was a world champion. This week the two teamed up and defeated the Rascalz. Edwards attempted to use his kendo stick but the referee prevented him. Then with the ref still dealing with Edwards, Drake used the kendo stick on Dez, hit Gravy Train and picked up the win for his team.

Edwards seemed a little confused after the match about the tactics his partner used.

2World Cup 2019 Preview

Psycho Clown defeated Fallah Bah this week. The member of the famed luchador clown family will be apart of the AAA team which takes on the Impact Wrestling team in the 2019 World Cup at Uncaged. Psycho Clown will team up with Vikingo, Puma King, and Aerostar at Uncaged. Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, and Fallah Bah will make up Team Impact.

1Rich Swann Says What Sami Callihan Wants Isn’t Family

Callihan tried to tell Rich Swann that he is his real family. Swann was homeless at 18 with no family and no place to go. Callihan opened up his home to Swann but Swann learned a little too much about who exactly Callihan is. Swann says Callihan uses people for his advantage and just wants him to be the 3rd guy watching his back. Swann said what Callihan wants isn’t family.

Quick Results:

  1. The Lucha Bros & Taurus defeated LAX & Daga
  2. Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace defeated Dark Allie & Su Yung
  3. Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake defeated The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)
  4. Psycho Clown defeated Fallah Bah
  5. Moose & Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact & Brain Cage

Next Week:

  • Kiera Hogan vs Dark Allie
  • Puma King vs Sami Callihan
  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs OVE