9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 6/14

Impact Wrestling 6/15 was filmed in New York's Melrose Ballroom.

Impact Wrestling 6/14

Impact Wrestling presented a show from the Melrose Ballroom last night on Twitch, Pursuit, and their international broadcast partners. The episode was filmed on June 6th, 2019.

Here are 9 Takeaways from Impact Wrestling:

9Michael Elgin Sends Willie Mack To The Hospital

Elgin defeated Willie Mack in the main event last night but that was not where the action stopped. Elgin looked to continue the beatdown after the match but was stopped by Rich Swann. This brought out Johnny Impact, who will challenge Swann for the X-Division title at Slammivesary.

After Johnny disposed of Swann, Elgin turned his attention to him. Rather than continue his fragile alliance with Impact, Elgin delivered a belly to back suplex to the former champion and then put on his sunglasses to end the show. A few chants for “Big Mike” could be heard after he took out Johnny.

8Moose and Rob Van Dam Rivalry Heats Up

The show opened up this week with the North defeating the ECW Originals, Sabu and RVD. The match was not without controversy, however, as RVD’s Slammiversary opponent Moose interfered. Moose tossed RVD off the top turnbuckle, allowing the North to eventually gain the upper-hand on Sabu and get the win.

Tommy Dreamer would come out and throw Moose back in the ring, however, allowing RVD and Sabu to pick up a measure of revenge. RVD attempted to hit a Coast 2 Coast but Moose slipped out of the ring before he could.

7LAX and the Rascalz Will Rematch At Slammiversary

Following last week’s controversial finish to their tag title match, LAX and the Rascalz ended up in a backstage brawl this week. LAX got the upper-hand during the melee but then told the Rascalz they would give them a rematch at Slammiversary.

6Scarlett Bordeaux and Taya Valkyrie Don’t Get Along Too Well

Taya Valkyrie was a guest on Scarlett Bordeaux’s “Smoke Show” this week. Bordeaux said that Taya has to defend the title next week against Su Yung. This did not go over well with Taya. She stormed off the set after learning the news.

5The North Earn Tag Title Shot

Shortly after the the North defeated RVD & Sabu, Josh Matthews mentioned on commentary that the win earns them the right to challenge LAX for the tag titles at Bash at the Brewery next month.

4Havok and Rosemary Both Want The Knockouts Title

Havok won a squash match this week. James Mitchell cut a promo after the match stating that Havok will be the next Knockouts champion. He also promised that Havok would use Rosemary’s “broken carcass” as a launch pad to the title. Later in the show, Rosemary stated that she wants to return the Knockouts title to “the Hive.” It looks like Taya has two dark and menacing challengers lurking.

3Eddie Edwards Rescues The Sandman From Killer Kross

Killer Kross defeated the Sandman this week by choking out the ECW legend. He kept the hold on after the bell, however, leading Eddie Edwards to make the save. A match between the two hasn’t been made official for Slammiversary but it feels as though that’s where things are headed.

2Kiera Hogan Costs Jordynne Grace Match Against Madison Rayne

Kiera Hogan joined the commentary booth for a match between Madison Rayne and Jordynne Grace. In the closing moments of the match, Grace was climbing the turnbuckle when she was distracted by Hogan’s disingenuous cheering on the outside. The distraction allowed Rayne to hit Cross Rayne and get the win.

A Jordynne Grace vs Kiera Hogan rivalry looks to be brewing and Hogan looks to be turning heel.

1The Desi Hit Squad Defeat the Deaners

The Desi Hit Squad picked up a win over the Deaners this week. The blue-collar Deaners were distracted with the Great Gama Singh on the outside, who appeared to be faking a heart attack.

Quick Results:

  • Josh Alexander & Ethan Page (the North) defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu
  • Havok defeated
  • The Desi Hit Squad defeated the Deaners
  • Madison Rayne defeated Jordynne Grace
  • Killer Kross defeated the Sandman
  • Michael Elgin defeated Willie Mack