9 Takeaways From WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 aired live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Kickoff Show Results:

  • Drew Gulak def. Tony Nese to retain the Cruiserweight Championship
  • Shinsuke Nakamura def. Finn Balor to become the new Intercontinental Champion

Here are 9 takeaways from the PPV:

9The Undertaker & Roman Reigns Picked Up The Win

Roman Reigns and The Undertaker battled Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Barred Match to start off WWE Extreme Rules. The Undertaker got a great reaction as he made his way down to the ring. A loud “Undertaker!” chant broke out before the match began.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre started the match and circled each other in the ring. Reigns and McIntyre traded punches and then Drew launched Roman across the ring with a Belly to Belly Throw. Shane tagged in and hit Reigns with a flurry of punches in the corner of the ring.

Reigns battled back and unloaded ten punches to Shane’s face before tagging in The Undertaker. Taker hit Shane with a shoulder tackle and a Leg Drop for a two count. McMahon got in a couple of shots before Undertaker grabbed him by the throat and hurled him to the corner.

Undertaker leveled Shane with a Clothesline as the crowd chanted “you still got it!”. The Undertaker walked across the top rope and bashed Shane to the canvas. Drew McIntyre tagged in and took his time getting into the ring. McIntyre got right in Undertaker’s face and had a stare-down with him.

McIntyre and Undertaker traded punches before Drew Clotheslined Taker to the outside. Undertaker landed on his feet and sent McIntyre into the ring apron. Undertaker connected with a Leg Drop on the apron and tagged Roman back in.

Roman unloaded several strikes to McIntyre in the corner and followed it up with a big boot to the face. Shane pulled down the top rope and Reigns tumbled to the outside. Undertaker grabbed a steel chair and went after Shane as he retreated up the entrance ramp.

Drew slammed Roman into the steel steps as Undertaker got back onto the ring apron. McIntyre connected with a Suplex and went for the cover but Reigns kicked out at two. Reigns hit a Samoan Drop and both superstars fell to the mat. McIntyre charged at Roman but Reigns got out of the way and Drew crashed into the ring post.

Undertaker and Shane tagged in and Taker connected with a Clothesline. Undertaker hit a Splash in the corner and followed it up with a big boot. Shane stumbled to his feet and Undertaker sent him out of the ring with a Clothesline. Undertaker cleared off an announce table.

The Undertaker set up Shane for the Last Ride but Elias interfered and hit Taker with a guitar. Reigns went after Elias but got rocked by a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. Elias went to hit Undertaker again but The Phenom grabbed him by the throat. McIntyre exploded into frame with another Claymore Kick that knocked Undertaker to the floor.

Elias, Shane, and McIntyre set up Undertaker on the announce table and McMahon made his way to the top rope. Shane hit a massive Elbow Drop on Undertaker through the table as the crowd chanted “holy sh*t!”. The trio brought Undertaker back into the ring as Reigns was still down in the timekeeper’s area.

Shane brought in a trash can as Elias and Drew set up Undertaker in the corner of the ring. Shane mocked Undertaker’s throat slash taunt and hit him with the Coast to Coast Dropkick. Reigns hit Elias with a Superman Punch but was knocked back down by a Russian Leg Sweep by McIntyre.

McMahon was about to go for the cover but The Dead Man sat up in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker planted Shane with a Chokeslam and then delivered another one to Elias. McIntyre snuck up behind Undertaker and went for the Claymore but Reigns intercepted him with a Spear. Roman sent Shane to the Undertaker and he planted him with the Tombstone Piledriver for the pinfall victory.

The Undertaker looked a hell of a lot better tonight than he did at Super ShowDown against Goldberg. I didn’t expect much from this match but was pleasantly surprised. Extreme Rules started off well and the crowd was electric. Hopefully that energy from the Philadelphia crowd keeps up for the remainder of the PPV.