9 Takeaways From WWE Money In The Bank 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE Money In The Bank 2018 aired live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL on June 17th. The Bludgeon Brothers defended their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Gallows & Anderson on the Kickoff Show. Harper & Rowan retained the titles after planting Luke Gallows with a Powerbomb.

Here are 9 takeaways from WWE Money in the Bank 2018:

9The Little Man Defeated The Big Man

Daniel Bryan faced Big Cass in the first match of WWE Money in the Bank. The crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan!” as the two Superstars locked up. Cass drove Bryan to the corner and missed with a right hand. Bryan connected with a few kicks to the legs and followed it up with some punches to the face.

Bryan went for the Heel Hook early but Cass booted Bryan away. Bryan continued to target Cass’ legs with kicks in the corner. Big Cass threw Bryan to the apron and hit him with a shoulder tackle that sent Daniel flying into the barricade surrounding the ring. Cass raised his fist in the air before following Bryan to the outside.

Cass slammed Bryan into the ring apron and tossed him back inside. Back in the ring, Cass took his time with a few jabs to Bryan’s face. Cass dropped an elbow to Bryan’s back and followed it up with another elbow to the chest for a two count.

Daniel battled back with a couple of punches but got caught in a Bear Hug in the center of the ring. Bryan elbowed his way out of the hold but was cut back down with a knee to the ribs. Cass grinned as he stood over Bryan in the corner. Bryan charged at Cass but Cass caught him and planted Bryan with the Deep Six for a near fall.

Cass started taunting Bryan while beating him down in the corner. Cass connected with a Splash and then mocked Bryan by doing the “yes!” chant. Bryan tripped up Cass and he fell face-first into the second turnbuckle. The crowd cheered Bryan on as he connected with some more kicks to Cass’ legs.

Bryan took down Cass with a Dragon Screw and Cass rolled to the ring apron in pain. Daniel joined him and drove Cass’ left knee into the ring apron. Bryan continued to pound on the knee and then slammed it around the ring post.

Bryan connected with a Dropkick to the back off the top rope and then geared up in the corner. Daniel hit two running Dropkicks in the corner and then went for a third. Cass caught him and tried for the Deep Six again but Bryan countered into the Yes Lock. Cass was able to quickly grab the ropes to break the hold.

Daniel knocked Cass to the outside and hit a Dropkick through the ropes. Bryan quickly scaled the turnbuckle and hit a Crossbody off the top rope. The crowd stood up and chanted “yes!” as Bryan slowly made his way back to his feet.

The action returned to the ring with Bryan still in control. Daniel went back to the top but Cass capitalized and crotched Bryan on the turnbuckle. Cass connected with a couple of punches as the crowd chanted “Big Cass sucks!”. Cass joined Bryan on the top rope and planted him with a Fallaway Slam off the top for a two count.

Cass lifted Bryan up and applied the Torture Rack. Cass then slammed Bryan to the canvas for another near fall. Big Cass raised his fist once again and took his time before punching Bryan again in the corner of the ring. The crowd got behind Bryan once again as Daniel dodged a boot and Cass got hung up in the ropes.

Bryan took advantage and delivered a chop block to the back of Cass’ knee. Bryan connected with another chop block and followed it up with some Yes Kicks in the middle of the ring. Cass grabbed Bryan by the throat but Bryan escaped with a Dropkick to the knee. Bryan then hit a Yes Kick to the face and geared up in the corner.

Daniel went for the knee to the face but Cass caught him and slammed him face-first into the mat. Cass followed it up with a big boot to the face and went for the cover but Bryan was able to kick out the last second. Cass smirked and lifted Bryan back up in the Torture Rack.

Bryan escaped and landed on his feet. Daniel sprinted at Cass and connected with the knee to the face. Bryan then locked in the Heel Hook in the center of the ring and Cass screamed in pain. Big Cass tried to make his way to the ropes but couldn’t make it and had no choice but to tap out. After the match, Bryan celebrated on the turnbuckle as the entire crowd chanted “yes!”.

Opinion: I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this match. The feud itself has been poor in my opinion. I thought Big Cass bringing in a little person to poke fun at Bryan’s size was dumb and unoriginal. However, I thought this match was much better than their first encounter at Backlash. I’d still like for this feud to be over and for both Superstars to move on to something more meaningful.