9 Takeaways From WWE RAW (4/30)

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

The April 30th episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec. It was the final episode of RAW before WWE Backlash this Sunday.

Here are 9 takeaways from this week’s episode of RAW:

9Roman Reigns Said That He Was The Real Universal Champion

Photo Credit: @WWE on Twitter

Roman Reigns kicked off this week’s episode of RAW to a chorus of boos from the Montreal crowd. Reigns lost once again against Brock Lesnar at WWE Greatest Royal Rumble. Roman Speared Lesnar through the cage, but Brock landed on the ground first and thus remained the WWE Universal Champion.

The official (Chad Patton) of the Steel Cage match at Greatest Royal Rumble stated that he made the wrong call earlier today on Twitter. Reigns’ feet hit the floor first and he should have won the match.

The announcers claimed that tonight’s crowd was like the crowd after WrestleMania as Reigns was booed in the ring. Reigns said that he was the real Universal Champion and the crowd booed louder. The crowd then transitioned into a very loud “Roman sucks!” chant as Reigns stood silent in the ring.

Reigns once again said that he should be the Universal Champion, but he is not “yet”. Roman claimed that he kept his word and beat Brock Lesnar in the Steel Cage match and that is why he will never lose faith in himself. Roman said that Lesnar wasn’t here tonight and brought up Samoa Joe.

Joe appeared on the jumbotron and the crowd erupted. Joe stated that he was going to put Reigns’ “downward spiraling career to sleep!” and the crowd cheered. Jinder Mahal’s music hit and Jinder came down to the entrance ramp. Mahal said that he cannot stand people that make excuses for their shortcomings and that Reigns lost fair and square to Lesnar. Mahal added that Reigns will lose to Samoa Joe and tonight he will lose to him. Mahal claimed that he will flourish on RAW and eventually become the new Universal Champion.

The crowd chanted “you both suck!” but then Sami Zayn’s music hit and the crowd erupted again. Zayn danced around the entrance ramp as the crowd sang his theme. Zayn claimed that he sustained a “serious medical injury” due to Bobby Lashley, he was unable to attend Greatest Royal Rumble. Sami added that he was diagnosed with vertigo, but is feeling much better tonight.

Zayn then demanded to battle Roman Reigns tonight. Sami’s hometown crowd chanted “yes!” and then erupted once again when Kevin Owens’ music hit. Owens came down to the ring and claimed that people wanted to see Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens tonight. Owens suggested a popularity contest to determine Reigns’ opponent tonight. Zayn got a big cheer from the crowd, Mahal got booed out of the building and got the biggest cheer of them all.

Reigns punched Owens in the face and then got attacked from behind by Mahal and Zayn. Owens joined in and the three started stomping on Reigns. Bobby Lashley’s music hit and Lashley rushed to the ring. Owens, Zayn and Mahal beatdown Lashley in the corner. Braun Strowman’s music and the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble matched down to the ring.

Braun, Lashley and Reigns cleared the ring and then Strowman launched Sunil Singh on top of Zayn, Owens and Mahal outside the ring. Braun raised his fists in the air as his music hit to end the segment. Mahal, Zayn & Owens versus Strowman, Lashley & Reigns was announced for later tonight.

Opinion: The negative reaction towards Reigns on RAW every week has become comical at this point. There is nothing WWE can do to get the crowd to cheer him, yet they insist on trying every week. Strowman seems to be the guy that everyone wants to see as the Universal Champion, but instead he wins a tag match with a 10-year-old at WrestleMania. The crowd will likely behind Samoa Joe at WWE Backlash this Sunday when he faces Roman Reigns.