Adam Cole Discusses Winning The NXT Championship, Which Main Roster Superstars He’d Love To Wrestle

Adam Cole has shared what it's been like for him since winning the NXT Championship, as well as naming a few main roster Superstars he'd love to face.

Adam Cole
Adam Cole

Adam Cole recently defeated Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver XXV to become the new NXT Champion. For him, becoming champion was the only goal he had coming into WWE’s black-and-yellow brand.

In an interview with Guide Live, Cole described what it felt like to become NXT Champion. He also listed a few names he would love to have the opportunity to wrestle.

“Your Goal Is To Become The NXT Champion”

“For anyone who knows me, when I first came into NXT — really for anybody who comes into NXT, your goal is to become the NXT champion. For me, it took me about two years to achieve that goal, and getting to do it as a part of a brand that has just never been better, filled with countless top-to-bottom just world class pro wrestlers, it means even more that I’m the guy at the front of the line or the guy driving the car. I’ve been very busy, as a champion should be, traveling all over the globe defending this championship. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, man. It’s been great.”

When asked about opponents, in particular, main roster Superstars, the Undisputed Era leader feels as though he’d have excellent matches with the majority of talent from either RAW or SmackDown.

Two Superstars, however, came to the top of his list: Seth Rollins and AJ Styles.

“There’s so many guys on Raw and SmackDown that I feel like I would have great chemistry with … There’s guys that I’ve never wrestled before who I’d love to the chance to get in the ring with like a Seth Rollins. Again, same thing as A.J., I feel like we could be put in any environment, and I feel like it would be a really exciting match.”

Adam Cole proclaimed that Undisputed Era will soon be draped in gold. With him now holding the NXT Championship, and his stablemates in active contendership for the Tag Team Championship and NXT North American Championship, it may not long before his words become a reality.