Adam Cole Talks About Free Agency & Evaluating His Next Career Move

Adam Cole
3-Time Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole

Former Ring of Honor world Champion Adam Cole was a guest on Live Audio Wrestling this week and spoke at length about his status as a free agent. After a 7 year run with ROH, he’s not really sure what the future holds for him.

“It’s really tough to say actually right now, what exactly I want,” Cole said. “I will say this, since 2010 I have been contracted to Ring of Honor Wrestling so for the past seven years, I’ve been contracted to Ring of Honor and haven’t even considered the idea of going anywhere else. So, for me, this is a situation where I have had and still am having the time of my life in Ring of Honor. So for me to just take a step back and look at the landscape and decide if I want to stick around, if I want to go elsewhere and making that decision.”

Despite a lengthy career up to this point, Adam Cole is only 27 years old. He has a ton of respect for Ring of Honor and says his next move won’t be moving up, but ‘moving on.’ He sounds excited about new challenges elsewhere, but still needs time to evaluate where he’ll work next.

“Unfortunately, you can’t make those decisions in a couple of days. You’ve got to think about it and process what would be best for you but I’m in a very cool, very lucky scenario right now where I have the option of exploring these different areas. At the end of the day, the decision that is made will be the one that makes me the happiest.”

Adam Cole understands he’s at a crossroads and does not want to make any decisions before he’s ready.

“For me, I don’t want to have anything that I’m second-guessing. I want to totally make sure, this is the decision I want to make, this is where I want to go, this is what I want to do. And for me, that does take some time because, again, a lot of people think this is just some easy, okay you just make your decision and you go, it’s not. My entire life could potentially change so this is definitely something that I need to sit back and think about, talk to the people that I’m closest with and decide what is best for me, what is best for Adam Cole.”

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