Adam Cole Wants Finn Balor To Challenge Again For The NXT Championship

NXT Champion Adam Cole recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump. The Undisputed Era ‘leader’ appeared on the WWE Network show to discuss a plethora of topics across WWE programming.

One of the topics discussed was who the reigning NXT Champion wanted to face next now that Velveteen Dream is seemingly in his “rear view mirror.” Cole defeated Dream on a recent episode of NXT to retain his Championship and lengthen his historic and record breaking reign.

“There is someone I’ve been thinking about recently, because I surpassed his record of being the longest reigning NXT champion” Adam Cole began.

The man Cole was describing was Finn Balor. The ‘Prinxe’ was previously NXT Champion for 292 days, Adam Cole has surpassed that with a reign in excess of 340 days and counting.

“A lot of people keep bringing up Finn Balor as someone that they would love to see challenge once again for the NXT Championship” Adam Cole continued. “And the beautiful thing is? I’ve defended my Championship against Finn Balor, and guess what? Adam Cole BAY BAY beat him.”

Cole would then officially put the challenge out to Balor for the Championshp match. “So if he wants to do another match? Whether it’s NXT television, whether it’s an NXT TakeOver? I’d be happy to wrestle Finn Balor and put to rest finally, that again? Not only did I surpass his record as the longest reigning champ, I’m a better champion than he is. Anything can happen in the WWE.”

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