Adam Page Explains Reason Why He Decided To Sign With AEW Over WWE

Hangman Page
Adam "Hangman" Page (Photo credit: IssitaMarie)

Adam Page has the chance to become a big star under the AEW banner but that almost didn’t happen as he could’ve signed with WWE. 

“Hangman” recently appeared on Busted Open Radio where he revealed that it was an easy decision for him to go with AEW over WWE. Page started out by talking about how he felt like he made it far enough in his career and stable enough that maybe money isn’t the most important thing. 

“With All Elite I felt that I had the opportunity to do something huge for my career and just to have fun with my friends.” He stated that he wanted to provide something for other wrestlers as AEW wouldn’t have the same exposure without the top stars.  

“It was something we decided to do together. It was an easy decision.”

There are some who believe that Page joined AEW because he knew he could become a top star due to Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega being executives. However, Page made it clear that wasn’t the case as it wasn’t part of his decision making at all. 

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Hangman On Signing For Right Reasons

Instead, going to AEW, he didn’t expect to end up in the main event and not why he signed with the company. 

“I didn’t think, ‘Oh, if I sign up to do this with my buddies, I’m sure to be a top guy.’ That wasn’t a thing at all and the least of my concerns, really.”

Over the last two years, Page has elevated his game and been pushed into a more prominent role while being a member of the Bullet Club in ROH. That hasn’t changed since he signed with AEW. 

Paige will compete for the inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Title against Chris Jericho at AEW All Out.