All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Trademarks Linked To New Promotion

An entity called ALL ELITE WRESTLING, LLC has filed several new trademarks linked to a new upstart wrestling promotion launching next year.

Last month, broke the news that a new wrestling promotion is in the works involving members of The Elite (Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks), Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, agent Barry Bloom with financing by the billionaire Khan family. There were denials by the parties involved, there was skepticism, but our friends at have uncovered trademarks that provide a lot more information about what’s coming next.

AEW: All Elite Wrestling

Based on the trademarks filed November 5th, the new promotion will be known as All Elite Wrestling (AEW). All Elite Wrestling, LLC is based out of Jacksonville, Florida with the same address as TIAA Bank Field, the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jaguars are owned by the Khan family, co-owner Tony Khan heavily involved in AEW’s formation. The company also owns

The trademarks held by AEW’s parent company include:

  • All Elite Wrestling and AEW
  • Tuesday Night Dynamite
  • AEW Double Or Nothing
  • AEW All Out

Tuesday Night Dynamite indicates the promotion will be going with a weekly television series. As noted in our original report, AXS TV was fast-tracking plans to work with this new upstart wrestling organization. A rep from AXS TV denied this aspect of our report and we do not have any further details regarding the television home of AEW.

The following artwork was also trademarked for AEW: Double or Nothing and AEW: All Out (presumably events that will be taking place in 2019):

2019 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year for pro wrestling fans. We’ll keep you posted as more details are available regarding this new promotion.


  1. dae
    Name's not a problem. With all the non-WWF/E groups out there, it might be hard to find an acronym someone hasn't used. Dusting off ECW as Elite Championship Wrestling might not be a viable option (especially if Vinnie still owns the acronym). All Out would be a great sequel to All In and could be the WrestleMania for the brand.
  2. Mr 561
    Probably would have been problematic since WWE owns the trademark for "ECW" as it pertains to wrestling .. Not in love with AEW name but at least it's happening!
  3. "The Original" Kermit The Frog
    Too close to sounding like ECW period. That would be an easy lawsuit from wwe. #StopbigassadsonSESCOOPS
  4. The Leviathan
    I hate to be a Debbie Downer but this won't go anywhere. At best, it goes 3 years before it runs out of money. Khan is failing with the Jaguars now he's going to give his son money to flush? The new Dixie Carter.
  5. Jenny Talia
    not sure WWE can stop the name, just use of the acronym. but I only suggested it in jest. Maybe they could go with Elite World Wrestling (reverse of WWE) or EWW - which is likely what the reaction is going to be anyway. but in seriousness, why not just go with Elite Wrestling. using an acronym is played out anyway.
  6. Surge King
    AEW sounds classic and I think that’s the approach with this company. Especially with “Tuesday Night Dynamite”.
  7. Cujo999
    I think putting the stable name in the title of the promotion is frankly a little silly. We'll see far they can go with this, but the U.S. wrestling market is really in danger of getting oversaturated between Raw, Smackdown, NXT, RoH, Impact, LU, NWA, and NJPW trying to develop more of a stateside presence. I'm interested to see who is going to be the Booker, and a bit concerned that The Elite will overbook themselves. The fact that this leaked so early is also going to mean that smart companies will try to get their talent locked up long term so AEW can't poach them.
  8. Cujo999
    It's possible. We have to see what kind of money Khan is willing to sink into this. I mean, Sinclair Broadcasting is a multi billion dollar company, but they aren't writing blank checks to RoH to keep them in business. It's going to be interesting to see how much companies will be bidding for top talent. I can definitely see promotions getting killed off over this.