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AEW All Out: Saturday, August 31, 2019 from Chicago, IL

AEW returns to the pay-per-view arena this weekend, as All Elite Wrestling presents their ALL OUT event from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on Saturday, August 31st.

The show will feature the crowning of the inaugural AEW World Champion and the unveiling of the AEW Women’s World Championship belt.

In the headline spot for Saturday’s highly-anticipated event is Chris Jericho vs. “Hangman” Adam Page in one-on-one action to determine the first-ever World Champion in AEW history.

Supporting the main event at ALL OUT will be Kenny Omega squaring off against late-replacement PAC.

PAC, formerly known as Neville during his WWE days, fills in on short-notice for Jon Moxley after the former WWE Superstar known as Dean Ambrose came down with a vicious bout of MRSA in his elbow.

Closer Look At AEW ALL OUT Undercard

Also on tap for AEW ALL OUT main card this weekend is Cody vs. Shawn Spears, The Lucha Bros vs. The Young Bucks in a Ladder Match for the AAA Tag-Team Championships and The Dark Order vs. Best Friends with the winning team earning a bye in the first-round of the AEW World Tag-Team Championship Tournament.

Additionally, Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc in the “Cracker Barrel Clash,” Riho vs. Hikaru Shida in women’s action and a six-man tag-team match pitting Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored is advertised for the card.

AEW ALL OUT “Buy-In” Pre-Show & Round Table Notes

AEW ALL OUT will also feature a “Buy-In” pre-show.

The show leading into the main card currently features two advertised matches — Private Party vs. Angelico & Jack Evans and the 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale with the winner advancing to the inaugural AEW Women’s World Championship bout on the debut episode of AEW On TNT on Wednesday, October 2nd.

As is the case before every major pay-per-view event, compiles a handful of pro wrestling journalists to provide their in-depth insight and analysis into each match scheduled on the card in our Predictions Roundtable feature.

Joining us for this AEW ALL OUT installment will be veteran staff writers Ian Carey, Andrew Ravens and Jeff Moss.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at our official AEW ALL OUT Predictions.

21-Woman Casino Battle Royale (Pre-Show)

Ian Carey: This is tough, especially considering we don’t know all the participants. Awesome Kong seems like the safest pick, however. She’s popular, she looks larger than life, and she’s a key character on a hit Netflix series which just released its newest season. Expect many talented wrestlers to get some time to shine in this match but in the end, Kong has to be the favorite, though how likely it is she’ll win is not clear. (Prediction: Awesome Kong)

Andrew Ravens: AEW has done a great job of loading up this battle royal with some fun names. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Britt Baker although I don’t see her winning this match despite the fact that she could be the real star of this division. It’s a battle royal so expectations should be kept low. I have Nyla Rose being an upset winner. (Prediction: Nyla Rose)

Jeff Moss: Like the Male version of the Casino Battle Royal, this one is hard to call because we don’t know everyone in the match. I’d have to say that of the announced participants, Brandi Rhodes would be a front runner in that I feel like she should be in the October 2nd match for the Women’s Title in some way. Jazz, Ivelisse and Britt Baker all make perfect sense as winners as well. Given that I don’t know how the other participant(s) of the Oct 2nd match will be determined, I suspect it’s an unannounced entry that wins here. (Prediction: Unannounced Entry)

CONSENSUS: 1-Awesome Kong, 1-Nyla Rose, 1-???

Private Party vs. Angelico & Jack Evans (Pre-Show)

Ian: I think Angelico and Evans will win the match but the commentary team will focus on how much potential Private Party has. Evans and Angelico are an established team and Jack Evans on the mic can keep them heels in any situation. I expect Evans and Angelico to get the crowd against them and then cheat to win, building sympathy for Private Party. (Predictions: Angelico & Jack Evans)

Andrew: Private Party all the way. Evans and Angelico are a fun tag team but I see more potential in Private Party as a top tag team under the AEW banner. Private Party should be booked as near the top of the division. Thus, Private Party goes over. (Prediction: Private Party)

Jeff: I love watching Angélico and Jack Evans work, so I’m pretty stoked for this match. That said, aside from getting a bit of momentum (Copyright & Trademark WWE) heading into TV, the winners of this match are pretty inconsequential. So with that in mind, I’ll take Angélico and Jack Evans. (Prediction: Angelico & Jack Evans)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Angelico & Jack Evans

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored

Ian: SCU will get the win in this fun trios match which will likely have a lot of comedy in it. If you notice, we’ve got no librarians and no Michael Nakazawa on the preshow here so I expect AEW to get all their silliness out in this match. Despite his popularity, I’m expecting Marko Stunt to eat the pin in this match as AEW attempts to build SCU into one of their top tag teams. With the tag tournament coming up, Stunt likely will be the 3rd man out from the A Boy and his Dinosaur team, which makes him taking the pin in this match the most likely result. (Predictions: SoCal Uncensored)

Andrew: With this being such a late short notice match, this has a ton of potential to be a really fun match and one that I am looking forward to seeing. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt have been on the independent scene for a few years now but are unknown to the masses. That changed at the last AEW show and they put on one heck of a match. I expect nothing less. With that being said, it’s a pick em so I have SCU getting the win. (Prediction: SoCal Uncensored)

Jeff: Jungle Boy. I’m going to pick Jungle Boy in every match he’s in until it pays off. I love that guy. SCU are an awesome team and have proven so in a million matches, but Jungle Boy RIDES TO THE RING ON A LUCHASAURUS WHO’S ALSO HIS PARTNER. (Prediction: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, SoCal Uncensored

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

Ian: The winner of this match will face the winner of the Casino Battle Royale on October 2nd for the AEW Women’s Championship. Riho’s stock with the company seems like it’s higher than Shida’s. Riho is Omega’s former tag partner in DDT and seems to be someone AEW wants to feature in their Joshi matches. The winner here will really depend on who wins the Casino Battle Royale, however. (Prediction: Riho)

Andrew: This should be a solid match but I don’t think AEW has done a great job of explaining the back stories of these two stars. Personally, and I think a lot of people would agree with this, but I have no interest right now in seeing this contest. It’s just a match on the card. In a real pick em, Riho goes over. (Prediction: Riho)

Jeff: These are two wrestlers who will definitely wrestle a wrestling match that will be seen by the audience in attendance and on PPV. The winner of the match will for sure be the one who beats their opponent. It will be enjoyed by some, but perhaps not enjoyed by others. Possibly. Beyond that, I got nothing. But I’m told I can’t just put “ ¯_(?)_/¯ ” for my prediction, sooooo…. (Prediction: Hikaru Shida)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Riho

Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela (Cracker Barrel Clash)

Ian: The Cracker Barrel Clash could be the show-stealer for fans who like plunder and hardcore matches. This is a toss up, honestly but I feel Janela needs the win more than anyone else. Janela could use a win as he’s lost in every match he’s had in AEW so far. Jimmy Havoc seems like he could lose every match and it wouldn’t impact him much so I don’t expect him to win. Darby Allin could use a win but his draw against Cody was basically that. I’m picking Janela here but wouldn’t be surprised to see Allin win this either. (Prediction: Joey Janela)

Andrew: Well isn’t this a pick em match. I don’t see how Havoc winning will do anything so it comes down to Allin and Janela. Both guys have so much potential and either could win here but I think AEW has more stock in Janela right now although I think Allin will be the bigger star among them. (Prediction: Joey Janela)

Jeff: (I will NOT call it a Cracker Barrel Clash… unless it’s IN a Cracker Barrel). Should be a good one as all three men are known for doing whatever it takes to win. I’m pretty into the idea of three guys being mad at each other about losing a wrestling match settling it with another wrestling match (Jesus, has watching WWE for so long actually made that concept something NOVEL in wrestling?) and it should get the crowd whipped into a frenzy. I have no idea why, but my guy is telling me Jimmy Havoc ends up with the win. (Prediction: Jimmy Havoc)

CONSENSUS: 2-1-0, Joey Janela

Shawn Spears vs. Cody

Ian: Spears needs the win more than Cody does. We’ve watched Spears as Tye Dillinger lose and lose and lose again in other promotions, it wouldn’t make sense for him to drop his first single’s match in a new promotion. Cody can lose, Cody’s fairly untouchable. Spears needs a little boost right now. Receiving Tully Blanchard as a manager is a good start to his push and beating Cody will help even further. (Prediction: Shawn Spears)

Andrew: Rhodes is the bigger star and the babyface going into this match. With history saying that Rhodes should get his revenge on Spears, I think it’s a pretty clear booking decision by AEW. Spears has done a great job of reinventing himself as a heel and could be a solid star going forward. While Rhodes should go over, you can’t rule out a surprise outcome. (Prediction: Cody Rhodes)

Jeff: A grudge match brought on by a devastating chair shot to the head! (I know the story, don’t @ me). Newly-married Spears is coming off a gruelling honeymoon and has the legendary Fifth-Greatest (of the original Four) Horseman in his corner. This’ll be Spear’s biggest match to date since leaving WWE, so I expect him to win here. Cody is an established star, but Spears, even though most of the audience knows him, needs to get a win here to show he’s a force to be reckoned with. (Prediction: Shawn Spears)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Shawn Spears

Kenny Omega vs. PAC

Ian: Kenny Omega has to win this match. PAC is no longer the Dragon Gate champ and can lose in other promotions again so the issue which impacted Double or Nothing won’t apply here. Omega has a big rivalry with Jon Moxley pending in AEW and it’s unlikely the promotion has him lose in a match with little build-up and no chance of his rival interfering. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

Andrew: This is one of the hardest picks of the entire card because both guys have big status’ and the promotion will want to keep them looking as strong as possible coming out of this show. I think PAC losing here won’t hurt him as many might think. I also see AEW booking Omega vs. Jericho for the AEW World Title at a later date potentially at their final 2019 PPV event. Thus, Omega should go over. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

Jeff: Everyone was bummed to hear that Jon Moxley wouldn’t be able to take on Kenny Omega. But if you’re looking for a replacement, PAC ain’t a bad choice! Also not a bad way to debut PAC in AEW. This is the match of the night for me, which is saying a lot since it has had almost no build due to time constraints. As for a winner, I’m going with Kenny Omega. It makes more sense to keep him hot until Mox is able to come back and the two of them can tear up TNT. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Kenny Omega

The Dark Order vs. Best Friends (AEW Tag-Tourney First-Round Bye)

Ian: The Dark Order should take this match and be granted a bye to the second-round of the upcoming tag title tournament. It’s too early for the Dark Order to lose as it does appear AEW wants to build them up as a heel team in the division. Fans know and like the Best Friends but don’t seem as knowledgeable regarding the former Super Smash Bros. It seems unlikely that AEW has them lose straight up here. (Prediction: The Dark Order)

Andrew: Best Friends are a more well-known team compared to The Dark Order. This should be one heck of a match but I see more upside with The Dark Order as AEW is gonna want a babyface vs. heel dynamic in the finals of this tournament. I have The Young Bucks making it to the finals so The Dark Order has to go over here. (Prediction: The Dark Order)

Jeff: Winners receive a first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament. Given how stacked this Tag Team Tournament is going to be, having a bye in the first round is a huge advantage. The Best Friends have really impressed me in their AEW matches, so I’m thinking them taking this one and getting the Bye would be great. After all, these teams could face each other again in the tournament brackets, so let’s give it to the Best Friends and light a fire under the Dark Order. (Prediction: Best Friends)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, The Dark Order

Lucha Bros (C) vs. Young Bucks (AAA Tag-Title Ladder Match)

Ian: To fans who have not been following AAA as well, this rivalry seems incredibly one-sided. The Bucks won at Double or Nothing and Fyter Fest, so if they win again here it’s not going to make the Lucha Bros look like title threats in the upcoming tag team title tournament. The Bucks have yet to lose in AEW but I think All Out is where they take their first L. (Prediction: The Lucha Bros)

Andrew: Their match at Double or Nothing was great and this could be the match that ends up stealing the show. Throw in the fact that this will be a ladder match with some insane moves could prove to be one of the best matches of the year and that’s a bold statement to make. With the AAA titles on the line, I don’t see a reason as to why Young Bucks should hold the titles any longer considering they will be exclusive to AEW. Lucha Brothers go over. (Prediction: The Lucha Bros)

Jeff: This match is going to be a banger! We all know what these guys are capable of, and I’ve loved just about every match they’ve had over the last few months over the AAA Titles. As for this match though, I can’t see the Bucks heading into a weekly TV show with another promotions tag straps (especially with the AEW tag titles as a primary focus as the kick off the TNT show) so I’d expect the Lucha Brothers to retain here, in what is sure to be a great match. (Prediction: The Lucha Bros)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, The Lucha Bros

Chris Jericho vs. “Hangman” Adam Page (AEW World Title)

Ian: AEW is doing their best to make you believe Hangman Page has no chance in this match. On recent shows, he’s been portrayed as injured and barely able to eek out a win over Kip Sabian, somebody many AEW fans have little experience watching. AEW may be doing this so that Page winning is a total shocker or they are doing this so that somehow they can make it believable during the match that Page could win. In the end, they just aren’t going to put that belt on Page yet and maybe not for a few years. That belt is going on Jericho. (Prediction: Chris Jericho)

Andrew: As much as I would like to see Page become the top champion, I don’t think it’s his time and especially going up against the biggest name that AEW has right now. Yes, having a former WWE star be their first champion isn’t the great thing to do but in this situation, it will help them more than hurt them just starting out. Page should be showcased in this match and be a bigger star coming out of it. It’ll be interesting to see how long Jericho stays champion. (Prediction: Chris Jericho)

Jeff: It’s exciting as hell to be in on the ground floor of a World Title that means something again. It reminds me a lot of how the NXT title still feels important in that promotion. This is going to be a straight up fight though, with Jericho somehow still doing the best work of his career and Page able to match him every step of the way. In the end, it makes more sense to me to put the inaugural title on Page. It fits with the “newness” of AEW and gives Jericho a reason to continue heeling it up so excellently. It’ll be weird to have two Wednesday night shows with “Adams” as champions. But I’ll take it. (Prediction: “Hangman” Adam Page)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Chris Jericho

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