AEW Double Or Nothing Rally Recap & Video

Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks

All Elite Wrestling is holding the AEW Double or Nothing Rally this afternoon from the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

Conrad Thompson and Sirius XM NFL Radio host Alex Marvez kicked off the live stream by welcoming everybody and talking about the significance of today’s gathering. The guys spoke about the events that have brought us to this day, including the success of Being The Elite, All In selling out and the grassroots following of this movement.

Conrad says wrestling history will be made today and teased that AEW will ‘break the Internet’ with what transpires today. Strong hype from Conrad as we’re about to officially kick off the rally.

After some technical difficulties, the rally kicks off with a nice pyro display and Conrad Thompson and Alex Marvez on stage behind the podium. Conrad hypes an introduces SoCal Uncensored. Scorpio Sky plays to the Jacksonville crowd and says he doesn’t feel this is the worst town they’ve ever been in. Christopher Daniels shows off SCU’s Jacksonville t-shirt before getting to business. He says there’s been a lot of speculation about SCU’s future, but they’re now officially part of the All Elite Wrestling roster. We now have Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders on stage. Kazarian spoke for a second before the music hit and SCU left with the cheerleaders.

Conrad and Alex welcomed All Elite Wrestling’s Executive Vice President, Cody Rhodes. Pyro goes off and the fans chant “Thank you Cody.” Cody says he was standing in the ring at All In surrounded by the fans and he knew right then and there, they need to keep that passion going. The Elite has a saying: Change The World. To do that, sometimes you need to change the world you live in. All he’s ever known is professional wrestling. Long ago, his mentor taught him that compared to sports stars and professional entertainers, pro wrestlers are always the least paid. At All Elite Wrestling, they’re going to change that. “We’re going to change the wrestling economy.” Happy wrestlers means happy fans and the fans come first.

Cody says in All Elite Wrestling, wins and losses will matter like they’ve never mattered before. Cody acknowledges the rowdy fans and says he’s not going to coach the fans on how to act. He’s surrounded by a great team and he introduces The Young Bucks.

Fans chant “Thank you, Young Bucks” as Matt Jackson says, “This is unreal.” Matt said a few months ago, they achieved their goal of putting 10,000 fans in an arena for All In. They broke all the rules of how to put on a pro wrestling show. They were eventually approached by the Khan family, who asked them, “Do you guys really want to change the world?” They said, “We can help.” A promotion that welcomes all elite talent. They don’t care about race or gender or sexual orientation. Their doors are open to all. Matt announces All Elite Wrestling has partnered with Chinese wrestling group oWe wrestling and promises the fans will love these guys.

They have another big announcement to make. Double or Nothing takes place on May 25th, 2019 from Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Out next is Chief Brand Officer Brandi Runnels. Brandi says AEW will absolutely have a women’s division, but that’s not all. They want to be a strong women’s division with the best female wrestlers in the entire world. To accomplish that, a lot of work needs to be done. Brandi announces the women of All Elite Wrestling will be paid equally to the men. Brandi says she’s traveled the world and has come across tremendous female talent, but AEW didn’t have to look far to find their first female signing. Brandi introduces All In competitor, Dr. Britt Baker, who said she’s excited to be part of AEW.

Conrad Thompson is out next and he’s interrupted by MJF, Maxwell J. Friedman. MJF trash talked Conrad and cut a heel promo talking about Jacksonville being a dump of a town and being better than everyone in the crowd. While MJF was arguing with the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, he was attacked by Joey Janela, who was accompanied by Penlope Ford.  Janela said in 2019, he’s All Elite and shot t-shirts into the crowd.

Alex Marvez announces over 100,000 people are live streaming this rally across various outlets on social media, which is pretty wild. Conrad introduces Cody Rhodes’ favorite wrestler, the man they call the future of the business, Adam “Hangman” Page. Hangman says he looks at today as his first day on the job. He doesn’t have any corporate overlords controlling him like a puppet and telling him what to say. The fans are his boss and for that reason, he’ll work harder for them than he ever has before. Page says that he intends to be the first-ever All Elite Wrestling Champion. He is interrupted by .. PAC! The two had a staredown and Hangman said he accepts a challenge from PAC.

Conrad introduces Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks once again. Cody says they have another announcement. Their second show will be taking place in Jacksonville, Florida. Not only will it be taking place in Jacksonville, but a large portion of the gate will be going to benefit victims of gun violence. We’re about to go off the air until … wait a minute, it’s .. Chris Jericho! Jerichos says he’s not here for the money. He believes in doing something different, something new. He’s a maverick, he’s an outlaw, he’s a pariah – he’s Chris Jericho, baybay. Chris Jericho says this is the day that AEW begins. He will be there on May 25th in Las Vegas and you better be too. Jericho says AEW is here to change everything as pyro goes off in the background above the stadium.

AEW Double Or Nothing Rally Stream