AEW Double or Nothing Results: Stadium Stampede, TNT Title, Brian Cage Debuts

AEW Double or Nothing aired from Daily’s Place. Jon Moxley defended the AEW Championship against Brodie Lee. Nyla Rose put the AEW Women’s Championship on the line against Hikaru Shida in a No DQ match. Cody squared off against Lance Archer in the finals of the TNT Championship tournament and The Elite faced Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede match.

Double or Nothing Results

  1. Best Friends def. Private Party to become #1 contenders (Kickoff Show)
  2. Brian Cage won the Casino Ladder match to earn a shot at the AEW Championship
  3. MJF def. Jungle Boy
  4. Cody def. Lance Archer to become the first TNT Champion
  5. Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford
  6. Dustin Rhodes def. Shawn Spears
  7. Hikaru Shida def. Nyla Rose to become the new AEW Women’s Champion
  8. Jon Moxley def. Brodie Lee to retain the AEW Championship
  9. The Elite def. Inner Circle in the Stadium Stampede match

Here are 6 takeaways from the PPV:

6Brian Cage Made His Debut & Won The Casino Ladder Match

The Casino Ladder match kicked off Double or Nothing. The winner of the match will earn a future shot at the AEW Championship. Every two minutes another wrestler will enter the match.

Match Recap: Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky were the first two contestants in the match. Frankie and Scorpio locked up in the middle of the ring. Kazarian connected with a shoulder tackle before they locked up once again. Kip Sabian was the third wrestler in the match and was accompanied to the ring by Penelope Ford and Jimmy Havoc.

Jimmy hit Frankie and Scorpio with a ladder. Frankie battled back and Suplexed Havoc on top of the ladder. Sabian set up Scorpio on top of the steel steps and climbed to the top of a ladder. Kazarian set up a ladder in the ring but Sabian noticed and went after him. Darby Allin was the next wrestler in the match and went for a Double Stomp but wound up crashing through a ladder.

Orange Cassidy was next in the match and took his time getting to the ring. Cassidy asked Excalibur for the rules of the match before finally taking off his denim jacket. Orange finally entered the ring and slowly grabbed a ladder. Cassidy didn’t set up the ladder, instead just stood on top of it and hopelessly reached for the chip suspended above the ring.

Cassidy threw Sabian out of the ring and struggled with trying to figure out how to set up a ladder. Colt Cabana entered the match next and entered the ring with Orange Cassidy. Cabana knocked Orange out of the ring and quickly set up the ladder. Cabana started climbing but SCU tipped it over. SCU then launched Kip Sabian onto the ladder as Orange Cassidy got back in the ring.

Cassidy hit his sloth kicks and followed it up with a Dropkick that knocked SCU out of the ring. Orange Cassidy hit a Suicide Dive with his hands in his pockets before slamming Scorpio’s face into the ring post. Joey Janela entered the match next and took out SCU and Cassidy by diving off the stage. Janela hit Havoc with a Crossbody as Cabana once again set up a ladder in the ring.

Janela launched off the top rope and knocked Cabana out of the ring with a Dropkick. Janela hit Frankie with a steel chair but Scorpio then ripped it away. Scorpio hit Joey with a chair but got knocked out of the ring by Sabian. Kip then planted Frankie with a DDT. Luchasaurus entered the match next and cleaned house by Powerbombing Sabian onto everyone.

Luchasaurus Chokeslammed Frankie onto a ladder. Tazz then accompanied Brian Cage (making his AEW debut) to the ring. Cage launched Allin into the ring post before delivering a Powerbomb to Kip Sabian. Cage planted Scorpio with a Suplex before delivering a massive Suplex to Janela. Orange Cassidy tried for a Sleeper Hold but Cage started climbing with Orange on his back.

Everyone then teamed up on Cage and hit him with a ladder to the face. They then buried Cage under some ladders and a giant poker chip. Cassidy hit Frankie with a Superman Punch and then climbed to the top of the ladder with Sabian. Cassidy knocked Sabian on top of the ladder below. Penelope then got into the ring and climbed the ladder. Orange dropped Penelope on top of Sabian below.

Jimmy Havoc got into the ring and attacked Orange Cassidy. Best Friends rushed the ring and beat down Jimmy Havoc. Luchasaurus got into the ring and shoved the ladder over. Orange Cassidy went for a Chokeslam but Luchasaurus didn’t budge. Marko Stunt brought in a tiny ladder and Chokeslammed Orange Cassidy with Luchasaurus.

Frankie Kazarian botched a Hurricanrana attempt on Luchasaurus and both men awkwardly fell out of the ring. Joey Janela planted Orange Cassidy on top of the poker chip on Brian Cage with a Death Valley Driver. Scorpio hit Janela with the TKO and started climbing. Kazarian leaped onto the ladder and both members of SCU started trading punches. Luchasaurus shoved the ladder over and set up the ladder in the middle of the ring.

Cabana tried to get in the ring but Luchasaurus hit him with a big boot. Brian Cage emerged and got into the ring. Luchasaurus hit a big kick but Cage shrugged it off. Luchasaurus went for a Chokeslam but Cage countered and hit a massive Powerbomb on top of a ladder.

Darby Allin crawled back in the ring and slapped Cage in the face. Cage responded with a big Clothesline and followed it up with the Drill Claw. Cage then hurled Allin on top of several ladders outside the ring and grabbed the chip for the victory. Brian Cage earned a shot at the AEW Championship.

Opinion: I thought this match was a bit of a mess if I’m being honest. It wound up being just an exciting spot once in a while. Having said that, pairing Brian Cage with Taz is a great idea. I love AEW’s use of legends as managers/coaches. Brian Cage has already made a hell of an impact as he is already in line for a shot at the AEW Championship.