Tuesday, October 27, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results (9/23): Cody Returns, Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston

AEW Dynamite aired live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Jon Moxley put the AEW Championship on the line against Eddie Kingston. Brodie Lee defended the TNT Championship against Orange Cassidy tonight as well. In addition to the takeaways below, Chris Jericho and MJF had a hilarious backstage segment tonight.

Dynamite Results (9/23)

  1. Miro & Kip Sabian def. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela
  2. Hangman Page def. Evil Uno
  3. Brodie Lee def. Orange Cassidy to retain the TNT Championship
  4. Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa def. Ivelisse & Diamante
  5. Jon Moxley def. Eddie Kingston to retain the AEW Championship
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Here are takeaways from this week’s show:

Miro Made His In-Ring Debut

Chris Jericho says he wrote the controversial line in Miro's promo
Chris Jericho says he wrote the controversial line in Miro’s promo

Kip Sabian and Miro faced Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss in the first match of the night.

Match Recap: Sonny sent Kip to the corner and slapped him in the face. Miro tagged in but Kip tagged himself in before Miro did anything. Janela and Kiss took turns beating Kip down in the corner of the ring. Miro tagged in and hit Joey with a ridiculous slam. Miro planted Sonny with two slams and an uppercut for a near fall. Sabian tagged in and hit Sonny with a Senton and a kick to the face for a two count. Janela tagged in but referee Aubrey Edwards didn’t see it. Miro and Sabian continued to beat Sonny down in the corner.

Janela finally got the tag and sent Miro out of the ring. Joey went for a Crossbody but Miro caught him. Sonny connected with a Dropkick and the action returned to the ring. Joey hit Sabian with a Superkick for a near fall. Miro tagged back as Sabian planted Joey with a German Suplex on the apron. Miro leveled Sonny with a massive kick and then locked in the Game Over (the Accolade) for the submission victory.

Opinion: Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss just aren’t very good in my opinion. This match went on way too long and was a botchfest. Miro should have tagged in, dominated, and won the match in a couple minutes.

Eddie Kingston Called Moxley A Sellout

Eddie Kingston ran down to the ring and said he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royal and his 18-year career says he deserves a title shot. Kingston stated Moxley sold out and went to the land of sports entertainers. Eddie boasted about never selling his soul to the devil and staying with the fighters. Kingston shouted that he wanted to look the sports entertainer in the eyes and Jon rushed the ring. Kingston and Moxley had a staredown before referees broke it.

Hangman Page Picked Up A Win

Hangman Page
“Hangman” Adam Page

Hangman Page faced Evil Uno tonight. Dark Order was on the entrance ramp and Kenny Omega joined commentary. Omega said he was done wrestling in the tag team division.

Match Recap: Hangman dominated the match early and planted Evil Uno with a Suplex for a near fall. Page connected with a Fallaway Slam for another two count. Evil Uno battled back and stomped Hangman down in the corner. Page sent Uno to the outside and hit him with a Crossbody off the apron.

Back in the ring, Evil Uno hid behind the referee and used the distraction to hit Hangman with a Neckbreaker. When Dynamite returned from a break, Hangman hit Evil Uno with a Spinebuster on the apron and followed it up with a Standing Moonsault for a two count. Hangman then was able to connected with the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall victory.

Brodie Lee Retained & Cody Returned

Brodie Lee defended the TNT Championship against Orange Cassidy tonight.

Match Recap: Cassidy hit his lazy kicks and Brodie responded with a punch that knocked Orange Cassidy on his ass. Orange Cassidy went for a Suicide Dive but Dark Order caught him. Brodie then leveled everyone with a Suicide Dive and then delivered a chop to Cassidy’s chest. The fans in Daily’s Place chanted “Brodie sucks!” as the TNT Champion connected with a Senton for a near fall. Cassidy rolled up Brodie for a near fall and then launched him into the turnbuckle. Cassidy sent Brodie out of the ring and hit with two Suicide Dives.

Back in the ring, Orange Cassidy hit Brodie with the Stunner and followed it up with a DDT off the top rope. Cassidy connected with an Air Raid Crash and went for the cover but Brodie was able to kick out at two. Cassidy went for the Orange Punch but Brodie caught him with a Powerbomb. Brodie followed it up with a massive Clothesline for the pinfall victory. Brodie Lee is still the TNT Champion.

After the match, Cody returned with black hair and suite on. Cody launched Silver off the entrance ramp and beat down #5. Cody hit a Cutter and slammed 5’s knee into the ring post. Cody locked in a Figure Four as Brodie and Dark Order retreated.

Brodie Lee boasted about what he did to Dustin and mocked Brandi Rhodes for posting thirst traps on Instagram. Brodie vowed to cut Cody down and wrap a dog collar around Cody’s neck. Brodie added that Cody has one week to answer if he is a man or a coward.

Opinion: I thought that this was a fun match and it was great to see Cody back on Dynamite. Brodie’s promo after the match was absolutely awesome.

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