AEW Fyter Fest Predictions

AEW Fyter Fest predictions for each match on Saturday's card in conjunction with CEO Fighting Game Championships at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida

AEW Fyter Fest
AEW Fyter Fest

All Elite Wrestling returns with its second live event, Fyter Fest, this Saturday night streaming live (and free) via the Bleacher Report (B/R) Live service. The show will be co-promoted with CEO Fighting Game Championships.

AEW continues to ride the wave of momentum that started with the ALL IN independent pay-per-view in Chicago, Illinois last September, and went to another level at the inaugural AEW PPV, Double Or Nothing, in Las Vegas, Nevada last month, as they run the Ocean Center in Daytona Bleach, Florida this Saturday night for the Fyter Fest live streaming special on B/R Live.

The show kicks off at 7pm Eastern Time with their one-hour long “Buy-In” pre-show, which streams live via the promotion’s official YouTube channel, as well as on Bleacher Report Live. From there, the main card kicks off on B/R Live at 8pm Eastern Time.

A Look At The AEW Fyter Fest Lineup

This Saturday’s AEW Fyter Fest features a stacked lineup, with the AEW in-ring debut of former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Ambrose made his AEW debut at the aforementioned inaugural Double Or Nothing PPV in May, attacking Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega after their “Alpha vs. Omega II” main event match. This weekend, Ambrose, now performing as Jon Moxley, will step inside the squared circle with AEW for the first time, as he faces off against Joey Janela in one-on-one action.

In other featured matches on the card, Cody takes on Darby Allin in singles competition, The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) will battle in six-man tag-team competition against the trio of the Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) and Laredo Kid, Hangman Page vs. MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy will take place in a Four-Way Match, Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA will go one-on-one and there will be a Women’s Triple-Threat Match with Nyla Rose vs. Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho.

On the “Buy-In” pre-show there will be three matches, with Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey, Kylie Rae vs. Leva Bates (with Peter Avalon) and a special three-way tag-team match with the winning team advancing to the ALL OUT PPV on 8/31 in Illinois for an opportunity at a first round bye in the AEW World Tag-Team Championship Tournament, with Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) scheduled. writers Ian Carey, Andrew Ravens and Jeff Moss have prepared their predictions for each of the matches scheduled for Saturday night’s big event. Without further adieu, here are the staff predictions for AEW Fyter Fest.

Kylie Rae vs. Leva Bates (Fyter Fest Pre-Show)

Ian Carey: Put your money on Kylie Rae for this match. Kylie took the pin to Britt Baker in the 4-way match at Double or Nothing and could use a win to get back on the right trajectory. Meanwhile, one of the promotion’s two librarians, Leva Bates, appears to have a secret admirer in the other AEW librarian, Peter Avalon. Kylie seems like a safe pick here.
(Prediction: Kylie Rae)

Andrew Ravens: To be honest, I’m a big fan of Rae as I think that she has a ton of potential and could be a real player in the women’s division. Bates is a solid worker and you know what she brings. There’s more upside with Rae.
(Prediction: Kylie Rae)

Jeff Moss: Leva Bates. Leva bates wins this and then wins the women’s title. Then she single-handedly wins the tag team tournament. Then in the World Title Match at All Out, Chris Jericho takes off his face and it’s Leva Bates. I really like Leva Bates. (Prediction: Leva Bates)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Kylie Rae

Best Friends vs. SCU vs. Private Party (Fyter Fest Pre-Show)

Ian: So the winner of this match earns a shot at a wild card match in the upcoming tournament to declare AEW tag team champions. This will be Private Party’s first match for the promotion while the other two were victorious at Double or Nothing. I expect the Best Friends to pick up the win here and book their ticket to All Out. (Prediction: Best Friends)

Andrew: One of the more important matches on the card due to the stipulation that it carries. I don’t think Private Party or SoCal need a win here but rather, Best Friends do as they need one to establish themselves in the American market.
(Prediction: Best Friends)

Jeff: This is a tough one to call. All three of these teams area great, and a bye in the upcoming tag tournament is a pretty significant prize given some of the talent that’s bound to show up there. Also, can I just note how awesome these team names are? I know they aren’t new, but “Best Friends” vs “Private Party” just looks fun on paper. SCU are a great team, but at the end of the night, the power of friendship will prevail and the Best Friends will pick up the victory. (Prediction: Best Friends)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Best Friends

Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey (Fyter Fest Pre-Show)

Ian: Expect a lot of baby oil and weapons in this special hardcore match. Even though it is his company running the CEO Fighting Game championships in Daytona, I’m expecting Jebailey to lose this match to Nakazawa, likely after numerous comedic shenanigans.
(Prediction: Michael Nakazawa)

Andrew: I’m interested in seeing how far they go with Nakazawa in AEW as he’s talented but the bigger question is where does he fit in the promotion. Time will tell regarding that question. This is a nothing match, to be honest, so I have Nakazawa winning.
(Prediction: Michael Nakazawa)

Jeff: I’ll be honest, this match is a total coin flip for me. I don’t know either of these wrestlers, to be frank. Alexa Jebailey is actually the head of Community Effort Orlando, and Nakazawa I’ve heard of only in passing. That said, what AEW has started with Double or Nothing, and can continue through Fyter Fest, Fight For The Fallen, All Out and into their TV deal is what WCW couldn’t do: CREATE stars. Even matches I have no idea about like this one are exciting to me. If I had to pick a winner (and I guess I do) it’d be Nakazawa, purely because he is listed on the official AEW Roster and Jebailey isn’t. (Prediction: Micheal Nakazawa)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Michael Nakazawa

Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

Ian: SCU defeated CIMA’s Strong Hearts team at Double or Nothing but I’m expecting the OWE representative to pick up the win here. SCU has wrestled OWE teams once in China and once for AEW in Las Vegas, winning each time. I think CIMA is going to pick up the first victory for his side in this rivalry at Fyter Fest.
(Prediction: CIMA)

Andrew: This is a classic pick em match as either star can win and it doesn’t really matter who goes over. What does matter is laying out and presenting a quality style match.
(Prediction: Christopher Daniels)

Jeff: With AEW being a wrestler-run company, they have to be very conscious of executives and higher ups booking themselves to win. Now, I don’t think we’re in Hogan/Nitro territory by any stretch of the imagination, and as long as the story makes sense they will be fine. But it’s something they have to keep in the back of their minds. Daniels is head of Talent Relations (The HHH Role) and CIMA is president of OWE, with whom they’d like to have good Talent Relations, I’m sure. I’m saying that CIMA wins here to build up not only himself, but OWE. (Prediction: CIMA)


Hangman Page vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. MJF vs. Jungle Boy

Ian: Hangman Page will main event the next AEW PPV so it’s likely the promotion wants him to look as strong as possible in the build-up. I’m expecting him to be the main focus of this match, get some revenge on MJF for DoN, and then move on to All Out on a hot streak.
(Prediction: Hangman Page)

Andrew: This is a fun match that could go anywhere regarding the winner. Ideally, with Page being built up as a credible star and potential World Champion then there’s no reason for him to lose here. However, someone else could lose the fall and keep Page looking strong if that’s the route they want to go.
(Prediction: Hangman Page)

Jeff: I think that logic dictates that Jungle Boy or Jimmy Havoc would be the ones taking a pin here, but wrestling has never been logical and neither have I. Let’s make a star here. All four of these guys can go and they will shoot the lights out, but I think MJF will try and sneak in a win, only to find Jungle Boy with an unlikely victory. (Prediction: Jungle Boy)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Hangman Page

Nyla Rose vs. Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho

Ian: Nyla Rose and Awesome Kong took each other out of the 4-way match at Double or Nothing and it seems likely things aren’t finished between the two monsters of the women’s division. I’m expecting Rose to roll through both Sakazaki and Riho here, though not before both are able to showcase their Joshi style a little. Rose should end this match looking real strong as the promotion builds towards her versus Kong. (Prediction: Nyla Rose)

Andrew: This is just a filler match in my opinion although I think that Sakazaki is a fun wrestler to watch. I see Rose being a big player in the women’s division in AEW and thus, gets the win here.
(Prediction: Nyla Rose)

Jeff: Since Nyla Rose wasn’t involved in the finish of the killer 4-way at Double or Nothing, I think she’s the easy choice for a win here. She’s going to be a big player in the Women’s Division heading into TV and this is a great way to build her up. Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with her opponents in this match, but in the context of AEW this makes the most sense. (Prediction: Nyla Rose)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Nyla Rose

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

Ian: I don’t think there will be any surprises here as Moxley will pick up his first victory in AEW here. Expect Joey Janela to give this match everything he has, similar to what he did at All In against Hangman Page. Janela and Moxley strike me as two guys who aren’t going to hold back when they don’t have. They won’t have to here so expect something good to occur.
(Prediction: Jon Moxley)

Andrew: While Janaela is extremely talented, there’s no reason for Moxley to lose here unless Kenny Omega gets involved to further their storyline and match at All Out. Moxley needs a win here and shouldn’t lose until he gets to All Out.
(Prediction: Jon Moxley)

Jeff: Show me someone who says that they aren’t excited for this match and I’ll show you someone who’s probably dead inside. This match is going to RIP. Mox has been tearing it up in Japan, and Joey Janela is no slouch either. As to who wins here at Fyter Fest, I have to go with Moxley. He’s on a hot run and is clearly going to be a centrepiece of AEW going forward, so let’s keep his chaotic, bloody momentum going. (Prediction: Jon Moxley)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, Jon Moxley

Cody vs. Darby Allin

Ian: There is a reason Darby Allin is in AEW and there is a reason he is facing Cody here. Allin is someone who the AEW crowd will really respond to. Expect Allin to give Cody a run for his money but ultimately come up short. It will establish Allin without costing Cody anything. Two weeks after this match, Cody will team with his brother to go up against the Young Bucks. At some point at Fyter Fest, something will happen between the team of Cody and Dustin and The Young Bucks to build to that match. It could possibly happen here.
(Prediction: Cody)

Andrew: This is going to be an interesting match due to the dynamic of the talent involved in this contest. I find it hard to believe that Allin wins here considering the stature of Cody in the promotion. Cody wins but Allin gets a rub off of losing to him.
(Prediction: Cody)

Jeff: This will be a really intriguing matchup. Cody singles matches are always full of drama and fun, but Allin is somewhat of a wild card to me as an opponent. In my mind, it’d be cool for Allin to win this match too give him a bit of a mainstream rub and also to give Cody a bit of a chip on his shoulder heading into his tag match with Dustin at All Out. Then they’d both have something to prove against those Bucks of Youth. (Prediction: Darby Allin)

CONSENSUS: 2-1, Cody

The Elite vs. Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid

Ian: Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks will pick up the victory here to send the crowd home happy. Omega needs a win after losing to Jericho and the Bucks just lost the AAA titles at Verano De Escandalo to the Lucha Bros. From here the Young Bucks will take on the Cody and Dustin at Fight for the Fallen. This match here at AEW Fyter Fest could build to that match in some way.
(Prediction: The Elite)

Andrew: While the Bucks and Bros have gone back and forth with trading wins as of late, I think that this is an easy pick with an easy excuse for a loss to Bros. Omega and Bucks should go over here as I think this will be a great match and with them winning, it would feel like a good feel win for the live crowd. There is much more storytelling involving these teams. (Prediction: The Elite)

Jeff: I’ll be honest, normally 6-man tags don’t do much for me unless there’s a ladder involved. This is not to say there haven’t been great ones, but for me, it’s not a match I’m usually that into. That said, with the talent assembled here? It might be the greatest multi-man tag match assembled since Steve Austin led a team into Calgary against the Harts. This is going to be crazy, and I think the team of Omega/Young Bucks is going to win to end the show at AEW Fyter Fest. Matt and Nick can get their win back against the Luchas and Omega can look good before heading into All Out. (Prediction: The Elite)

CONSENSUS: 3-0, The Elite

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