AEW Announces Fyter Fest Luxury Gaming+Wrestling Event (Parody)

Perhaps making Kenny Omega an EVP was a poor choice...

Fyter Fest

Kenny Omega likes to think big. So big in fact that he blew the entire annual budget given to him by AEW President Tony Khan on one trailer for AEW’s involvement in the CEO Fighting Game Championships this summer in Daytona Beach.

For the 2nd year in a row, Kenny Omega will be organizing a wrestling show at the CEO Fighting Game Championships. The gaming event will be held in Daytona Beach from June 28th to 30th, with the AEW event taking place on the 29th.

Omega’s vision for the event this year appears to involve crystal clear blue water, luxury villas, social media influencers, and a whole lot of the Khan family’s money.

A trailer for Fyter Fest was released earlier today:

On this week’s episode of Being the Elite, the Young Bucks encouraged Omega to watch any of the multiple documentaries on the ill-fated Fyre Festival. It does not appear Omega has taken their advice, however.

Ticket Packages For Fyter Fest

Hopeful festival attendees will want to purchase their tickets soon. Most ticket packages have already sold out. There are still some “All In” packages available, however, for the lowball price of $3.5 billion.

A special Adam “Hangman” Page fan package was available but quickly sold-out.
“Relax swinging on a hammock in a cabana while enjoying the company of Adam ‘Hangman’ Page as he polishes his boots,” a description of the package reads. “Some say that time passes by very slow in the cabana.”

Other packages included private plane tours with Cody, tanning with Brandi Rhodes, a gourmet cheese sandwich, random super-kicks to the face, learning how to tame literal lions with Chris Jericho, and more!

The website notes some smaller-scale tickets are also available:

“Actual #FyterFest Live wrestling show tickets featuring All Elite Wrestling at #CEO2019 on Saturday, June 29th will go on sale in early May! Stay tuned for more info on this special event hosted by AEW and CEO!”

“Social Media Influencers” React To Fyter Fest

Social media influencers and Instagram models have been posting about Fyter Fest, purely organically and without being compensated financially.

A gold square is being posted in similar fashion to the orange one which was used for the Fyre Festival.

Nick Jackson posted the following:

Omega sounds really confident this event will be a success:

With all these top young social media influencers involved there is no way this event could fail!

This top social media influencer will no doubt be counting down the days until he can eat that cheese sandwich!