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AEW Raids Impact Wrestling’s Production Division (Exclusive)

AEW guts Impact's production team ahead of next week's AEW: Dynamite premiere on TNT

All Elite Wrestling has raided the production team of Impact Wrestling, SEScoops has learned.

Impact has been outsourcing the majority of its production work to Kevin Sullivan’s KevinSully TV, a company based out of Nashville. Over the weekend, KSTV cut a deal with AEW and will be working directly with AEW lead producer Keith Mitchell.

The mass exodus of virtually its entire production division has left Impact scrambling. Impact was blindsided over the weekend when the Sullivan group notified them the working relationship was over effective immediately. The news of Kevin Sullivan giving notice to Impact was first reported by John Pollock of POST Wrestling.

KSTV tried to secure a contract with Anthem, which would have given them a sense of stability. That never came to fruition, which understandably led to some uncertainty and left the door open for AEW to swoop in.

Impact is trying to spin the situation as if AEW only took one person, but that is not the case. Kevin Sullivan TV is composed of editors, graphic artists, sound engineers, video producers, voiceovers studios and more. They assembled all of Impacts weekly programming for domestic and international.

Over the past couple days, Impact hired a local Tennessee producer to handle the work of several people while it regroups from this latest setback.

One source who we spoke with about this story called it a “huge strategic move” by AEW and “crippling” to Impact ahead of their move to AXS TV in late October.

The situation is not without some irony, as it relates to the business practices of Impact and (parent company) Anthem Sports & Entertainment. Following Anthem’s recent purchase of AXS TV, they immediately gutted the production staff of AXS TV’s offices in Dallas and Colorado. Many very talented production people were pushed out of their jobs. Now, Impact finds itself badly in need of very talented production people.


  1. Interesting because PWinsider reported that Impact knew this was coming for weeks and they had already made plans for the departure.

  2. That’s messed up…seems like once things are starting to look good for Impact something sour happens. This is nothing to them though they have overcome worse and are still alive and kicking!

  3. Impact ally? He just published an article saying they need to go out of business for the Killer Kross situation lol

    KSTV had already been doing work for AEW months ago. Openly. Couple that with the fact that they did not finalize a contract – was Impact really blindsided here?

    Sullivan and KSTV is a talented group, but “crippling” may be overstating it a bit. You’d think people would have learned that about Impact by now, but I guess not.

  4. Not only that, but are we really supposed to believe that AEW didn’t have their production team lined up until a little over a week ahead of their TNT debut?

  5. I knew Kevin Sullivan was eventually going to AEW. Not if but when. Impact has a month to get new people. I think they’ll be on a best of until the debut on AXS.

  6. In all honesty, AEW can take as many Impact production people as possible. Impact’s production has not been good in years since the Spike TV days.

  7. Bullshit Impact knew for months about the departure . Stop getting reports from dirt sheets that like to report false rumors. Remember when they said talks are off for Impact getting a tv deal months now they have one.

  8. When the ink dried on the contract is a lot different from when negotiations began or an agreement in principle was struck.

    If AEW and KSTV were already openly working together, then Impact/Anthem had to know there was a very real possibility AEW would sign them exclusively. If you’re in a band and your drummer starts working with another band, is it really a surprise if he leaves your band entirely?

    If AEW sat down cold with KSTV over the weekend and hammered out an agreement a little over a week away from their TNT debut, then they’re frankly irresponsible. A big network is going to want assurance of production values. If they couldn’t land KSTV, then what were they planning to do? The only way it makes sense is if TNT told AEW that their production values on the ppv’s weren’t up to standard and they had to scramble at last minute, but then why hire the same production company?

  9. Impact doesn’t have good production, but AEW has the worst production in the business right now. Practically inaudible entrance music and horrible camera cuts have plagued their shows since DoN.

  10. does this mean we are getting a new dungeon of doom in aew?

    please, i want a new dungeon of doom in aew.

  11. axs tv gives them a better shot on tuesday night no wwe nxt or aew to compete with they have a better chance this time

  12. This is big score for AEW, but don’t think it will hurt Impact much. Anthem just bought AXS, they specialize in taping live events.

    I still think Anthem will try to buy ROH from Sinclair, and merge ROH with Impact. AXS is also the home to NJPW here in the states. It would be interesting to see if Anthem can rekindle a working relationship with them to exchange / share talent.


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