AEW Reportedly Deciding Between Two Television Deals

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Last week AEW officials met with several television networks to discuss potential deals. There are reportedly several deals on the table, but AEW are deciding between “two legitimate deals.”

Wrestling Observer Radio reported the news that AEW were looking at two deals in particular. Dave Meltzer noted that the consensus backstage among those involved is that the final decision will be between the two aforementioned networks. We do not have the names of said networks at the time of writing.

Meltzer also claimed that not only were these great deals but that they were the best television deals any non-WWE wrestling programme will have secured since the days of WCW.

All Elite appears to be becoming more fleshed out in public by the day, and WWE has taken notice. As we reported last week WWE are scrambling to sign talent to new deals.

According to PWInsider, meetings were held backstage at recent at a SmackDown Live TV taping to address the situation. More specifically, wrestlers whose contracts are coming up in the next year or two had private meetings with management. This was to discuss signing long-term deals. The names of said talents are again not available at present but one of the biggest is AJ Styles, whose deal ends in April according to the Wrestling Observer.