AEW Reportedly Planning To Make UK Debut This Year

All Elite Wrestling is reportedly planning on making their United Kingdom debut later this year with a "mini-tour."

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has allegedly discussed making their UK debut this year with a “mini-tour.” Speaking with talkSPORT, AEW’s Promo Coach, Dustin Rhodes, talked about the promotion’s plans for their first overseas tour to the United Kingdom.

“Rumor has it that we may doing a little mini-tour over there in the UK,” Rhodes revealed. “And I hope so, I hope that’s true. Definitely want to hit London, man. London is a good town for us, good town for wrestling. All the UK is, man. The UK has got deep roots in wrestling and they love wrestling. So hopefully, sooner rather than later, we’re going to get over there.”

Rhodes extrapolated on his statement, explaining that AEW’s offering would probably be “just live events.” He added how plans aren’t set at this point in time, and “[…] you never know. We could be over there for a week and shoot a TV somewhere, I don’t know.”

AEW’s “Mini-Tour”

Dustin’s brother Cody corroborated this sentiment in a recent interview with Wrestling Observer Live. Cody noted how AEW’s schedule for travelling “across the pond” is a “very vague 2020.”

“But I will be kept… I’ll hold my word as far as like… and Tony will hold his word, and The Young Bucks and Kenny [Omega], and everybody… we have to go,” Cody said. “We have to go to London and Manchester, and there’s a lot of great markets in the UK, but 2020 – we have to make those steps for sure, and I think we’ll do well. Everyone onboard is excited about that.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.