AJ Lee Talks Mental Health On Neil DeGrasse Tyson Podcast

AJ Lee appeared recently on StarTalk Radio.

AJ Lee Mental Health

AJ Lee appeared on Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s “StarTalk Radio” recently. She actually taped the interview a while back but her episode was just released recently. During the show, AJ talked about mental health, pro-wrestling, and more.

The title of the episode is “Wrestling with Mental Illness.”

AJ Lee On StarTalk Radio

Tyson asked AJ what got her into wrestling and she explained she always loved fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, etc. and pro-wrestling is similar to live-action superheroes. She also mentioned that being on medication for her bipolar disorder made life in wrestling more difficult.

“What made it more difficult for me is being bipolar and being on certain medications,” Lee said on the show. “With some injuries people are like ‘Ok, I’ll take a pain-killer’ but I couldn’t do that, I didn’t trust myself.”

She added that she had to “power through” her injuries.

AJ also talked about the importance of being open about her mental illness and “owning it.”

“There shouldn’t be hush words, we should be able to talk about it, joke about it like I do,” AJ said regarding her mental illness.

You can listen to the episode in full below: