AJ Styles Claims He Has Signed His Last Contract In Wrestling

AJ Styles gives another hint at possible retirement

AJ Styles
AJ Styles

AJ Styles has talked about wanting to retire from pro wrestling in a few years and a latest interview suggests that the former WWE Champion is serious about it.

Styles was recently interviewed by Newsweek and during the talk, the former TNA World Champion claimed that his current contract with WWE is the last contract he will ever sign:

“I can tell you that this contract that I’ve signed is my last, this is the perfect place for me to be. It’s family-oriented, I have no problem taking my family to the shows. It’s a PG product, which I enjoy. I’m in the best place I can be for my career.”

AJ originally signed a three-year contract with WWE in 2016 and the former World Champion revealed earlier this year that he has renewed his deal with the company.

However, at the time, he didn’t provide much details on his new contract with the company so it’s hard to say how long he expects to continue wrestling.

While this is a breath of relief for WWE Officials as it means he won’t be jumping ships to AEW, AJ’s plans to retire is still bad news for the company as it would mean losing a big star.

While we don’t know the exact date of his contract expiration, it’s not hard to imagine that the company will try to keep Styles around even after that and they will not hesitate in offering him a part time deal to keep appearing on the WWE Television.