AJ Styles Joins Exclusive WWE Club

AJ Styles
WWE Champion AJ Styles (Photo Credit: WWE.com)

The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, has joined a rare, exclusive club. This club is filled with a very specific type of Superstar and features a litany of WWE Hall Of Famers, so the Georgia native couldn’t be in better company.

As of yesterday, November 1st, AJ Styles reached a new milestone by maintaining his championship status for 359 days. This has seen him officially place amongst the Top 10 longest reigning champions in WWE history, as documented by WWE.com.

Having won the belt back in November 2017 against Jinder Mahal during a SmackDown LIVE event in Manchester, England, AJ has been able to fend off all comers and challengers for the championship, solidifying his place in the main event and firmly establishing SmackDown as the “House That AJ Styles Built.”

Styles is scheduled to defend his WWE Championship at today’s Crown Jewel event, emanating from Saudi Arabia, in a matchup against Samoa Joe. If successful, this will see him continue to climb the ranks as his days as champion continue to accumulate.

All of that could change, however, in just a few short hours, especially if Samoa Joe gets his way.

AJ Styles, You Just Made The List

Here are the Top 10 Longest-Reigning WWE Champions of all time:

10. AJ Styles (360 days, at time of writing, and counting)

9. Hulk Hogan (364 days)

8. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (371 days)

7. John Cena (381 days)

6. CM Punk (434 days)

5. Pedro Morales (1,027 days)

4. Bruno Sammartino (1,237 days)

3. Hulk Hogan (1,474 days)

2. Bob Backlund (2,135 days)

1. Bruno Sammartino (2,803 days)