AJ Styles Reveals What He Said To Seth Rollins After Their Match At Money In The Bank

AJ Styles has revealed what he told Seth Rollins after their matchup at Money In The Bank as they shook hands.

AJ Styles

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles had a phenomenal match at Money In The Bank, with Rollins managing to successfully defend his Universal Championship.

After the match had concluded, the two shook hands. As they did, Styles said something to Rollins that wasn’t caught on camera.

In an interview with Newsweek, Styles divulged what he told Seth Rollins at that moment. He also addressed his next steps and ambitions for gold.

“I told Seth I was right when I said 13 years ago that he would be something special in this business,” he said.

“We both respected each other that was never in question,” Styles said. “It was two guys, two egos and a lot of testosterone that you’re going to get a fight when two big dogs get next to each other. Tempers go awry and next thing you know we’re fighting and it is what it is, but when it’s over and someone comes out the better man you shake hands.”

“I Want To Be Universal Champion Before My Career Is Over”

But just because he lost once, doesn’t mean his journey towards the Universal Championship and a potential rematch against Seth Rollins is over. He promised that this loss is “100 per cent” not the end.

“Just because you lose doesn’t mean it’s over,” Styles said. “I’ve lost before. I’ve lost the WWE championship before. You find your way back into the hunt. You may get derailed by going to the back of the line but you want what you want. And I want to be Universal Champion before my career is over.”