AJ Styles Talks Rival Promotions To WWE Not ‘Being In The Same Ballgame’

WWE Superstar AJ Styles appeared for some promotional interviews during WWE’s overseas tour this past week. The former WWE Champion gave some interesting points regarding WWE and the state of their competition.

Styles stated that it is tough to realise the size of WWE until you actually get there. AJ has of course appeared across the world for the likes of ROH, NJPW and TNA (now IMPACT). When asked what the difference is between these promotions and WWE Styles mentioned that “I think the main difference in the WWE is once you get there is you understand how huge, how massive the WWE actually is. It’s a lot bigger than you could ever know, unless you’ve been somewhere else and thought, ‘Oh, we’re going to compete with WWE,’ but really, you never were even in the ballgame.”

Styles elaborated further, saying that “It’s so much bigger than any place I’ve ever been. But you could only find that out once you work here and see how much is done, how many people work to make this the best sports entertainment place to be.”

AJ will be challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship tonight at Money In The Bank. Keep checking back for our live coverage throughout the night.

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription