AJ Styles Talks To Michael Cole About Taking The “Long Route” To WWE

AJ Styles was interviewed by Michael Cole for this week’s WWE.com sit-down interview. Here are some highlights:

– When asked if he ever expected to wind up in WWE, Styles said, “It’s nuts.” Fans can’t believe it and he can’t either. He took the long route to get here.

– In response to “Why now?” AJ said it’s all about timing. Styles said he wasn’t ready to join WWE when WCW was purchased and his contract wasn’t picked up. He had to go through everything since then in order to be ready for his current WWE run.

– Cole said AJ is in now his prime after getting experience all over the world. They spoke about his Royal Rumble debut. AJ was worried nobody would know who he was. He was in his own bubble wrestling around the world and had no idea if fans in the “WWE bubble” would know who he was. He said the reaction was so wild he could have melted.

– They spoke about AJ’s feud with Chris Jericho. AJ said their stories are very similar, which is why they make a good tag team.

– When asked about the biggest difference about WWE compared to everywhere else he’s worked, Styles said, “Catering!” He said ‘the grass actually is greener’ here and feels like he’s finally made it to the big leagues. Everything is so professional in WWE and he immediately felt comfortable int he WWE locker room.

Check out the full interview here: