Al Snow Does Not Think A 24/7 Hardcore Title Would Work In Today’s WWE

Former WWE Superstar Al Snow (and Head) recently spoke with entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet at Gangrel’s Wrestling Asylum Show “Let it Ride” in Dania Beach, Florida.

During the discussion, Al Snow spoke about what type of impact All Elite Wrestling will have on the wrestling industry, not taking any jabs at Mick Foley in his new book, what is missing from wrestling and much more.

Tonight on Raw, WWE will introduce a new championship title. The belt will be unveiled by Mick Foley, which has led speculation that the new belt will be held under 24/7 rules, similar to the Attitude Era’s Hardcore title.

Even before this new belt was announced, Al Snow coincidentally spoke with Chris Van Vliet about whether or not he thinks a hardcore title would work today.

“I don’t think so,” Snow said. “I think it was the right thing at the right time for the right reason. It kind of organically developed out of it being a joke for Mick Foley and then it just grew from there. In OVW before I took it over, they had a similar title called an Anarchy Title which is where the champion could, basically it was anarchy, he could call his own stipulations no matter how ridiculous based on whatever he wanted to do.”

He continued, “I explained that in this day and age, I think it’s hard because every time you have that title on the show and it has a stipulation, it now waters down the stipulations for matches where you have a personal vendetta or a reason that they have to be in this type of a match.”

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