Alberto El Patron Claims Rafy ‘Inappropriately Touch[ed]’ Paige Before Brawl

Paige Alberto
Pandaige Al

Alberto El Patron has commented on last night’s locker room brawl with Alan Xtreme/Rafy of IWRG’s Ninja Turtles in Naucalpan, D.F., Mexico  with the following tweet:

As we noted last night, one of the stories going around was that Alberto thought Rafy had touched Paige, so it’s no surprise that this is Alberto’s official version of what happened. Late last night, he had tweeted this after the story had broken in English language wrestling media:

As for Rafy, late last night (as in before Alberto’s comments), Lucha World’s Alfredo Esparza noted that the luchador posted on Facebook that the fight happened but everyone should move past it:

To wit, as noted last night, the loudest voice on social media was IWRG wrestler and backstage figure AK-47, who was posting on Facebook about how Alberto “nearly killed” Rafy. That said, Super Luchas reports that Alberto had another locker room incident recently, as at WWC Lockout on December 3rd, he got into a “heated argument” with Robbie E. over something having to do with Paige.